Are you interested in studying Nursing? Do you have a City of preference? Is that City Tampa? Get to know more about the best Nursing Colleges In Tampa florida in this article

A lot of seniors move to Florida to enjoy their retirement years. This has led to an increase in demand for registered nurses in Tampa to care for these seniors. Hence, the increase in demand for registered nurses has consequently led to an increase in good nursing schools in the region. In Tampa, there are nursing training programs for CNA, LPN, ADN, BSN, and RN which are mostly four-year programs.

Nursing Colleges In Tampa florida

This article will provides detailed information on some of the best Nursing Colleges In Tampa florida which coincidentally are among the best in the world.

Lists Of Best Nursing Colleges In Tampa florida

  • University Of South Florida
  • South University, Tampa
  • Pasco Hernando state college
  • The university of Tampa
  • Galen college of Nursing

1. University of South Florida

University of South Florida is a public research university established in 1956. It is among the top 10 locally and number 18 nationally. USF is known for focusing not only on education but also, on clinical care and excellence in research to prepare the next generation of nurses.

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USF Health Simulation Consortium is one of the three universities across the state to be accredited by the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. USF has over 1,000 clinical partners where students are placed.

2. South University, Tampa:

South University is a private university. It is ranked number 41 nationally. This school offers RN to MSN program for Family Nurse Practitioner specialization. Students are taught nursing skills to excel in treating families throughout their life stages.

This program enables RNs without a BSN degree to receive both a BSN and MSN degrees. SU also offers DNP and PMC: Family Nurse Practitioner.

South University has a 100% acceptance rate and a 36% graduation rate. South University also has an 80.2% NCLEX pass rate. The average cost of South University after aid is $20,000.

3. Pasco-Hernando State College

Pasco Hernando State College is a public college established in 1967. PHSC offers students cutting-edge programs and high-tech educational facilities in small class sizes where students receive individualized attention. PHSC is one of the highly qualified best nursing schools in the state, and its tuition is one of the lowest.

4. The University of Tampa:

The University of Tampa is a private university established in 1931. It is one of the best nursing schools ranked number 2 nationally.

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The school strives to improve the human condition through an understanding of science and pursuing new knowledge. This school continuously challenges its students to use their full potentials.

5. Galen College of Nursing:

Galen College Of Nursing is a private nursing school established in 1990. It is among the best nursing schools in the nation. It is ranked number 31 nationally. The class size is small, so, students can know their instructors and peers.

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This school offers a two years nursing program ranging from PN, MSN, ADN, LPN-to-ADN. It also offers a three-year BSN and an online RN-to-BSN program. There is also an online MSN program for Nurse Educator and Healthcare Leadership.

Galen has a 100% acceptance rate and 92% NCLEX pass rate. The average cost of Galen after aid is $25,000.

Nursing is a blessing to society and the earliest people embrace the impact they play and also encourage the people around them to study the profession, the easiest it becomes to fully unlock the blessings the profession brings.

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