Are you interested in studying Nursing? Do you have a city of preference? Is that city Florida? Get to know more about Lists Of Best Nursing Schools in Florida in this article.

The sunshine state- Florida is known to offer some of the top nursing programs in the U.S.A. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2021), Florida is the number four state with the highest rate of employment for nurses, it is reported that the state employs approximately 187,920 registered nurses with about 21.84 employment per 1000 jobs, creating a high demand for nurses.

Additionally, the report highlighted that nurses in the state earn an average of $72,000 annually, also, residents in the state enjoy an amazing privilege of not being charged personal income tax thus increasing their income taken home.

Moreover, Florida is known to have a vast establishment of great healthcare facilities like Cleveland Clinic Florida, Mayo Clinic® Jacksonville, UF Health Shands Hospital, and so on that Nurses in the state can apply to.

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Furthermore, beautiful scenery that offers breathtaking views alongside top centres of attraction such as Beaches, Disney World, Epcot, Magic Kingdom Park, and so on attracting people all over the nation and overseas are some of the astonishing points of interest the state pride itself in having.

Best Nursing Schools in Florida

Finally, studying nursing in the state can be of great advantage if you consider the above factors.

In this article, you will get to know about some of the highest-ranking Schools of Nursing in Florida.


The following are the Lists Of nursing schools in Florida adapted from the U.S. News & World Report and website. The institutions are ranked based on the following criteria:

In no particular order, some of the highest-rated nursing schools in Florida are:

  • University of Miami
  • University of South Florida
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Florida International University
  • Barry University
  • University of Tampa
  • Nova Southeastern University
  • Florida Southern College
  • Jacksonville University
  • University of Florida


University of Miami

University of Miami School of Nursing and Health Studies (SONHS) was established in 1948, it was the first college to run the nursing program in South Florida and is reputable for preparing it’s graduate students to be pioneers in healthcare and research.

The BSN, MSN, and DNP programs offered by the institution are consistently ranked among the top Graduate Nursing Programs by the U.S. News & World Report.

The institution has recorded “near-perfect first-time pass rates on the NCLEX-RN (state nursing licensure) and nurse practitioner certification exams, and 100% nurse anesthesia certification exam pass rates.”

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The programs offered include Doctoral Programs such as Ph.D., MSN to DNP programs, and BSN to DNP programs with four specialty tracks. Additionally, the school offers a Master’s program, Post Master’s Certificate program, Bachelor’s degree program with different tracks, and Post Bachelor’s certificate program.

Annual Tuition: $53,112

NCLEX Pass Rate: 98.51%


University of South Florida

The University of South Florida College of Nursing is one of the top schools of Nursing in the state, located in the Tampa Bay region, it was established in 1973 with core values of respect, integrity, inclusion, excellence, innovation, and partnership.

The institution’s Masters and DNP programs are among the top-rated in the state by the U.S. News & World Report.

They offer the following programs; Undergraduate degree programs, Masters programs, DNP programs, Ph.D., graduate certificate programs, and some online programs.

Annual Tuition: $6,368

NCLEX Pass Rate: 94.04%


Florida Atlantic University

The Florida Atlantic University Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing goal is to “be the international preeminent leader in advancing caring science through its dynamic, innovative caring based education, research, scholarship, and practices.”

The college is among the high-ranking graduate schools in the state by the U.S. News & World Report for it’s Masters and DNP Program. BSN, MSN, DNP, Ph.D., and certificate programs are being offered at the institution.

Tuition: $304 per credit

NCLEX Pass Rate: 82.8%


Florida International University

Florida International University (FIU) is the number one (1) public research institute in Florida. The Department of Nursing at the Nicole Wertheim College of Nursing & Health Sciences, Florida International University was established in 1972 and has recorded over 1000 enrollments for its nursing programs. FIU Nursing is the only institution in Florida offering the Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Program.

Ranked among the best institutions in the state for its Masters and DNP programs by the U.S. News & World Report, FIU Nursing aims “to be globally recognized for the achievements of their alumni and faculty in healthcare, education, leadership, and research with a focus on the needs of the underserved populations.”

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Programs offered include undergraduate nursing program- BSN with various tracks, graduate programs- MSN and DNP in diverse specialties, post-graduate- Ph.D. in Nursing with other Post-Bachelor’s and Post-Master’s certificate programs.

Annual Tuition: $14,390

NCLEX Pass Rate: 92.74%


Barry University

Founded in 1940, Barry University provides it’s students with high-quality education alongside the necessary tools to help them expand their knowledge and become skillful professionals, the institution has recorded more than 65 years of education excellence in training professional nurses.

The Department of Nursing at Barry University boasts of having a “curriculum and programs that support future nurses, nurse practitioners, and nursing leaders” and is ranked among the schools having the great graduates program in the state.

The institution offers the following programs: Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), and Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing (PhD) with various tracks and specialties.

Tuition: About $990 and above per credit (this differs based on the type of programs you enroll for)

NCLEX Pass Rate: 86.66%


University of Tampa

The University of Tampa is ranked as an institution with the top nursing programs in the state, the school aims at preparing it’s students to function at the most advanced level in their nursing practice thereby providing “quality, safe, evidence-based and compassionate health care to citizens of Florida, the nation and the global community.”

The Pre-Nursing program, Bachelor Of Science in Nursing, Master of Science in Nursing, and Doctor of Nursing program are being offered by the school.

Tuition: About $663 and above per credit (this differs based on the type of programs you enroll for)

NCLEX Pass Rate: 88%


Nova Southeastern University

NSU Ron and Kathy Assaf College of Nursing is dedicated to shaping the future of health care by preparing its students to become confident, capable, and caring nursing professionals. The college is a high-ranking graduate school in masters and DNP programs in Florida.

Undergraduate Programs with different tracks, Master’s Programs in various specialties, and Doctoral Programs including DNP and Ph.D. programs with other post-graduate certificate programs are the major nursing programs offered at the institution.

Annual Tuition: $27,700

NCLEX Pass Rate: 91.97%


Florida Southern College

Established in the year 1883, Florida Southern College is the oldest private institution in Florida and is ranked among the best top graduate nursing programs in Florida.

The institution provides you with state-of-the-art facilities and hands-on clinical experience to provide the best quality of care to the patients, the school also boasts a high employability rate for it’s students at the end of their nursing programs.

A four-year direct-entry BSN program, MSN, and DNP programs are being offered at the institution.

Annual Tuition: $33,980

NCLEX Pass Rate: 94.44%


Jacksonville University

Jacksonville University School of Nursing was established in 1982 and became the Keigwin School of Nursing at Jacksonville University in 2007. It’s mission is to “commit to the success of each student as a self-assured, clinically competent, caring professional nurse, who practices in an evolving, complex health care environment, provides leadership to promote health among culturally diverse people, and promotes the advancement of nursing knowledge through evidence-based practice and life-long learning.”

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The programs offered at the private institution include Undergraduate programs- Bachelor of Science in Nursing with different tracks, Graduate programs- Master of Science in Nursing, and Doctor of Nursing Practice with Post-Graduate certificate programs in vast specialties like Family Nurse Practitioner, Health Informatics, Healthcare Quality & Safety, and so on.

Annual Tuition: $42,250

NCLEX Pass Rate: 93.97%


University of Florida

The College of the Nursing University of Florida is consistently ranked as part of the top graduate nursing schools not only in Florida but also in the country. It prides itself on being a pioneer of leadership in nursing education and is the first in the state to offer the Nurse Practitioner programs, Ph.D. in Nursing Science Program, and the Doctor of Nursing Practice program which is an incredible feat.

Founded in 1956, the institution boasts of having trained about 11,000 alumni in the following nursing programs: Bachelor of Science (BSN) with tracks in Traditional BSN, Accelerated BSN, and RN to BSN. Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) and Ph.D. in Nursing Sciences, additionally, the college makes provision for BSN graduates to directly enroll in these advanced degree tracks.

Annual Tuition: $6,380

NCLEX Pass Rate: 95.93%



With the boundless possibilities Nursing affords you, choosing the profession or being a Nurse is one of the smart decisions you can make in securing your future.

Nursing is a blessing to society and the earliest people embrace the impact they play and also encourage the people around them to study the profession, the easiest it becomes to fully unlock the blessings the profession brings.

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