Many people want to know the answer to this question, Is Nursing A Good Career For The Future? Get the answer here. In this article you will read and understand why Nursing is a good career For The Future or not?

The current waves about the nursing profession might prompt you to ask the question “Is Nursing worth all the hype?” You might question the future relevance of the profession, particularly if you are making a career transition to Nursing, you are considering Nursing as a major for your undergraduate degree or you are a Nurse.

Over the centuries, certain traditional jobs like clerical staff, typists, tellers, and so on, have been easily replaced due to various technological evolution, more jobs are also on the verge of going into extinction, hence, it is valid to think about the prospect of the profession you are considering.

Is Nursing A Good Career For The Future?


Can nursing afford you the job security you want?

First, let’s take a look at the ROLES Nurses to play in society.

Nurses contribute largely to the global healthcare ecosystem and are critical to a nation’s healthcare development. The COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered how truly indispensable Nurses are in nurturing the world back to health.

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They take care of patients and are the best advocate a patient can have because they lobby for the best available holistic option in meeting their patient’s needs. Nurses are compassionate, empathetic and constitute a support system, and are counselors to the patients. Nurses “ensure the health and wellness of individuals, families, and communities”, their role is encompassing.

If Nurses play such a significant function in a patient’s life and society, however, is Nursing a good career prospect?


Below are some of the reasons Nursing is a great career for the future.

High Demand Globally

Nursing is one of the fastest-growing occupations because of a greater need for Nurses to meet the global healthcare demands caused by the COVID-19 pandemic likewise the growing and aging population.

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The various disruptions happening across all sectors are unsettling, hence, people are warier of the career they chose. There have been concerns on whether the fast-paced technology evolution in healthcare will be disruptive to the nursing workforce, nevertheless, it is imperative to note that “technology can never replace the human interaction that’s so inherent in a nurse’s role”, fact, it creates more need for highly competent nurses that can improve the outcome of care for the patients.

Therefore, more people should consider transitioning into the Nursing profession as there are endless possibilities in it that give them a sense of job security.

Increased Earning Potentials

“Nursing is one of the best options for a “recession-proof” career that pays well and has endless avenues to pursue,” says Nadine Saubers, RN, BSN, It is a lucrative profession as nurses are paid attractive salaries that would increase over the coming years.

The average annual salary of a Registered Nurse in the USA is about $67,930 with the opportunity to earn more if they take on more roles or have an advanced specialty qualification.

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The opportunity to earn mouthwatering salaries in developed nations largely contributes to the increased migration of Nurses to these regions.

Other benefits for nurses include, paid sick leave, paid vacation and holidays, paid maternity leave, bonuses for working extra shifts or when understaffed, health and life insurance, tuition reimbursement, retirement benefits, wellness programs, subsidized travel, student loan repayment, and so on.

Limitless Opportunity For Career Growth

There is a need for evidence-based scientific knowledge to deliver best-in-class individualized care to the patients and research findings have shown that having higher qualifications among Nursing Professionals influence better patient outcomes, hence, Nurses with Degree qualification and qualifications in the advanced specialty are in high demand nowadays.

This has created a great opportunity for career progression amongst Nurses as more of them are now enrolling to get a higher degree. Moreover, this need is supplemented by organizations that invest in Nursing through educational grants and diverse scholarship opportunities.

Vast Scope Of Practice

Contrary to the opinion that Nurses are restricted to practice only at the bedside, Nurses take on vital roles within society, and interestingly the evolutionary changes in healthcare are shifting the scope of practice for nurses.

There is a diverse range of options to choose from, they can choose the kind of shifts to work in, giving them the flexibility to do some other things, for example, pursue an advanced degree.

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Nurses can select the type of job they want due to the vast specialties available, you can be a Nurse Educator, Nurse anesthetist, Family Nurse Practitioner, or an Oncology Nurse. You can enroll in certification programs to be equipped with specific skills and experience for some roles like Certified Bariatric Nurse, Certified Dialysis Nurse, Certified Radiologic Nurse, etc. Nurses can take on leadership roles such as Nurse Managers, Nurse administrators, Nurse entrepreneurs, Nurse innovators, and so on.

Intriguingly, there are different types of work environments in Nursing, therefore, you can also choose your desired setting to work in, for example, hospitals, nonprofit organizations, Insurance companies, Factories, Government agencies, Correctional facilities, Cruise ships, flights, Military bases, Schools and Universities, the list is endless.

It is easy for nurses to enter the workforce quickly and even choose the location they want. They also have the opportunity to relocate to an overseas country for better opportunities.

With the invasion of social media, some new roles are also being created for Nurses such as Health writers, Nurse bloggers, Nurse coaches, Nurse entrepreneurs, and so on.

Thence, there is a limitless scope of practice for you as a Nurse.

Fulfilling Career Path

The nursing profession is gratifying, nurses derive great satisfaction from what they do, because of the difference they can make in people’s lives, “the 2019 American Mobile Nurses (AMN) Healthcare survey found that 81% of nurses were satisfied or extremely satisfied with their career choice”, as being a Nurse is rewarding.

Over the years, Nursing has earned the credibility of being a respectable profession, Nurses have been voted for as having high honesty and ethics for the past 20 consecutive years in the Gallup’s annual rankings of the profession.

Opportunity for Personal Growth

Nursing equips you with the essential skills for self-development, such as empathy, compassion, communication skills, stress coping skills, emotional strength, critical thinking skills, and so on. These are the core skills you need to function effectively in your work environment and each day comes with a chance to flex these abilities.

Being a nurse challenges your mind to think innovatively on how to tackle challenges which in turn boosts your intellectual capacity, this help you to gain personal mastery not only in your workplace but also in your interaction with society.

Is Nursing A Good Career For The Future?

Interesting Working Condition

Nurses tend to look forward to each day at work because it unravels with unique experiences, they come in contact with different patients and go through various decision-making processes which makes it exciting.

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Nurses’ daily duty is solution-driven, hence, it is never a dull moment at work.


You have flexible work options as a Nurse, you can choose the type of job to work in, the kind of work setting, and your desired location.

You also have the freedom of pursuing an advanced degree, specialty, or certification program based on your need or availability, you can enroll in an online program, a hybrid program, an accelerated program or work towards having a dual degree.

Support Groups

Nurses are never alone as they have a rich network of people providing them with the needed support right from school till they transition fully into the profession. You get support from lecturers, physicians, tutors, associations, or communities, the more people you come in contact with during your duty or study program, the more your network grows.

Smoother Transitions and High Employability.

Various programs like internships, residency and volunteering made available for Nurses in their academic pursuits enable them to transition easily to the nursing workforce, this also gives them leverage to become easily employed.


With the boundless possibilities Nursing affords you, choosing the profession or being a Nurse is one of the smart decisions you can make in securing your future.

Nursing is a blessing to society and the earliest people embrace the impact they play and also encourage the people around them to study the profession, the easiest it becomes to fully unlock the blessings the profession brings.

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This article is written by Mayowa Racheal Popoola
Nurse, Content Writer.


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