One of the major challenge Nursing Profession in Nigeria is face is issue of Policy making and Academic regulation, In this article you will read about THE IDEA BEHIND EVERY POLICY THAT NMCN AND NANNM SHOULD MAKE

There are several kinds of motives behind every policy either policy made by governmental bodies, private bodies or individuals these policies emanate with a purpose. Policies has to do with regulations, guidelines, instructions, etc that are made from whatever reason in order to coordinate, control, manage or influence a process or an act. Every day of human life and existence is dependent on policy making. When you fail to make policies then you live by people’s policies. Why is this concept of discussion important to nurses and to the regulatory and political bodies?

The Idea Behind Every Policy That NMCN And NANNM Should Make
National Association Of Nigerian Nurses And Midwives (NANNM)

This is because there is an idea embedded in this and a need that we must understand for a sustainable, meticulous and impactful leadership. The ideas that must be captured when making policies in Nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria (NMCN) and National association of Nigerian nurses and midwives (NANNM) and the things to consider while making policies are:

Vision – every policy that must be made must have a vision. Late Dr Myles Munroe once said when the purpose of a thing is not known abuse is inevitable. He also said vision determines the extent of effort and success. You must have looked deeply into the future of something and seen what you expect the thing or the nursing profession to be in certain duration of time before making any policy.

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This is because every policy made has an implication either positively or negatively either short timely or in a long time. We must understand that the nursing profession is still at its productive stage and therefore require vibrant, intellectual and critically analysed thinking before any policy can be made. Once nursing policies are made without a vision this retards or take us back behind the progressive, successful developmental and advancement trajectory or pathway.

Consultation – in making regulatory policies that has to do with clinical instances and experiences a few recognized and dignified personnel should be consulted. Similar thing as regards policies pertaining to academics relevant and high ranking academics should be consulted before reaching the consensus of making the policies. This will give a wide perspective and a broad spectrum of looking at or considering many factors for a benevolent, meticulous and non maleficent decision to be reached. Check this Accredited Schools of Nursing In Akwa Ibom State

Focus or specification for implementation – policies that are made should be focus, easy to understand must carry the interest of the members of the body or association and must represent to the greatest level the intents, will and desires of the nurses even at the grass root level as long as they are part of the nursing practice.

Finally, the policies must be followed up with efforts and deliberate arrangement to ensure that they are implemented at every possible level that they ought to be implemented. If not why then do we make policies when we can’t implement them.

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In conclusion,
policies are good because they determine the present and the future and they are a reflection of the past. They determine how far and advanced nursing will go and become respectively. We are where we are because of the policies that were made before now and if we out rightly or ignorantly make bad policies then they will determine where we nursing will be tomorrow which entails the image, value and professional relevance to the society.



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