In this article, you will read about the average salary of nurses in canada. In Canada, registered nurses have excellent employment prospects. As Canada’s population ages, the government predicts that there will be a lot more demand for healthcare services and health professionals in general. Over 50% of open positions will be due to increased demand.

Salary of nurses in canada

In Canada, the typical registered nurse earns $72,936 year, or $37.40 per hour. Most experienced workers can earn up to $83,168 per year, while entry-level roles start at $59,762 annually.

The Canadian Nurses Association (RNs) says that about 70% of the 430,000 nurses in Canada are registered nurses, which is a very large number. Whether you’re already a registered nurse (RN) (you’ve passed either the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination or the Quebec examination and have registered with your provincial or territorial regulating body) or you’re thinking about getting your RN license, this very well may be you.


So, what is the average RN salary in Canada?

The average RN salary in Canada is $80,122 per year, or $41.09 per hour. Entry-level salaries typically start at $41,396 year, while more seasoned employees may earn up to $94,322 annually.

wages for registered nurses by region

  • $97,500 Northwest Territories
  • Alberta \s$94,322
  • Yukon \s$92,108
  • Saskatchewan \s$87,750
  • Atlantic Canada $83,310
  • $81,715 British Columbia
  • Ontario \s$78,780
  • $77,337 New Brunswick
  • $75,080 Prince Edward Island
  • Quebec \s$62,595
  • Manitoba \s$41,396

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