In this article, we outline the top 10 countries that need nurses. Using a seven-continent model, Europe is the second-smallest continent on the globe and is made up of fifty independent states. The largest and most populous of those fifty independent states is Russia. There are 746 million people living there altogether, or nearly 10% of the world’s population.

With over $32.7 billion in assets under management and the greatest economy in the world, Europe is also the richest continent in the world. That represents around one-third of the whole global wealth. Because many Eastern European nations are still in the recovery stage, Western European nations are regarded as being wealthier. Yugoslavia’s dissolution and the Soviet Union’s collapse have left them in a state of recovery. As a result, their economies are not as developed as those of their neighbors in the West.

Top 10 Countries That Need Nurses

Living in Europe is generally pleasant because it has a cheaper cost of living than North America. Additionally, their healthcare is superior and, according to statistics, the best in the entire globe. The world’s highest medical service expenses are paid by North Americans, who also have a 23% satisfaction rate. Europeans enjoy a 70% satisfaction rate and significantly lower fees.

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Let’s continue the conversation now that the high caliber of healthcare in Europe has been established. In this post, we’ll concentrate on the top nurse-needy nations in Europe.

1. Italy

Italy is a fantastic country to work as a nurse in, aside from the requirement that you pass a language test in the native tongue (Italian) to obtain your certification. They will gladly accept nursing assistance from anyplace because they are also low on nurses. The average nurse salary in Italy is around €45,000 per year.

2. United Kingdom

In this case, there are more nurses leaving the NHS than there are nurses who are just getting their licenses. It will be simple to take advantage of this opportunity to relocate and work as a nurse in the U.K., which already has a large immigrant population. Though their earnings can reach £35,000 annually, higher-ranking nurses have it nice. But in order to practice nursing in the U.K., you would need a degree in pre-registration nursing, registration with the Nursing and Midwifery Council, and passing their assessment.

3. Ireland

A great option for English-speaking nurses is Ireland. Ireland has a variety of nursing positions available. A great option for English-speaking nurses is Ireland. Ireland has a variety of nursing positions available.. Additionally in high demand in this area is nursing. Prior to beginning your nursing profession, you must register with the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland. After registering, you would also need to pass a language test, and candidates are typically subjected to some kind of background investigation. Irish healthcare is improving, and efforts are being made to enhance conditions for nurses at work.

4. Germany

Only 19 competent individuals are available in Germany for every 100 open nursing vacancies. Due to this, the Germans have started a healthcare reform in which they are revising their nursing education programs and hiring nurses from other nations. To assist you adjust to the language, culture, and professional abilities necessary to fulfill the German requirements, you would need an internationally recognized nursing license and curriculum. It’s also important to note that the German healthcare system is highly automated, which contributes to its higher quality. Depending on where you are from, you could also need a visa. It’s also crucial to keep in mind that different nurses in Germany earn different incomes based on their region, abilities, and experience.

5. Luxembourg

Despite their small size, Luxembourg has a thriving economy in addition to being a tax haven. They also pay all of their employees very well, not just the nurses, with yearly salaries ranging from €54,000 to €113,000. The rivalry for jobs is Luxembourg’s lone drawback. They certainly need nurses, but finding jobs is challenging due to the small population and excellent working circumstances. But once you land a nurse position, the rewards go far beyond the pay.

6. France

The average life expectancy in France is approximately 82 years old, and healthcare is reasonably affordable. The French healthcare system is practically unparalleled. The majority of a patient’s medical expenses are often covered by their health insurance company. Additionally, their emergency services are excellent. The high life expectancy of nurses implies that there are many elderly people to care for, in addition to routine patients and COVID-19 pandemic victims. All of these factors make France an excellent place for nurses to work.

7. Denmark

Since the government pays for the majority of the Danish healthcare system, both citizens and residents can easily access it. As you would expect from a Scandinavian nation, its healthcare system is likewise very good. Even for nurses, who get 6 weeks of paid vacation time or annual leave each year, the working conditions here are undoubtedly the greatest in the industry. Also in good ranges are the nursing pay.

8. Netherlands

Very stable economic conditions, perhaps Europe’s top healthcare system, and excellent work-life balance. Many healthcare professionals enjoy working in the Netherlands. You would require an internationally recognized Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) in order to work as a nurse here. You would then need to apply for a work visa through the BIG registry, which is for healthcare professionals only. Although many Dutch individuals are proficient in English, it would be advantageous if you could also communicate in the native tongue.

9. Switzerland

Although there is a scarcity here as well, the Swiss are a little tighter about accepting foreigners, particularly for employment. You would be expected to speak German, French, or Italian where you are. It would not be appropriate to use only English. Depending on whatever region of the country you wish to live or work in, you may need to pass one of these languages’ exams. Foreign applicants’ applications and credentials are handled by the Swiss Red Cross. It costs a lot of money to have your qualifications examined, and it may take months to accomplish. In addition to all of these, they have an excellent healthcare system and fair compensation for nurses and doctors.

10. Norway

Norway is a fantastic place to work as a medical professional because of its socially progressive outlook, high level of living, and world-class healthcare system. They are expected to require roughly 100,000 healthcare experts and laborers over the next ten years due to their long life expectancy. You would require a work visa or permit, proficiency in the local language, and certification from the Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel in order to work here (SAK). Also very tempting are the salaries offered here for nurses and medical professionals.


Nurses from outside of Europe who wish to relocate to and work in a country in Europe now have the chance because several European nations are attempting to address the lack of nurses and other healthcare workers. We think that reading this essay would have given you the knowledge and skills you needed to benefit from this circumstance.

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