In this article you will read about One of the challenging issue that facing Nursing and Midwifery Profession in Nigeria is issue of poor Remuneration

Wages and salaries consolidation and payment has been one of the great challenges facing every profession. Every standing profession crave to have a better remuneration in regards to complementing their efforts and responsibilities as discharged. Most times the vivid problems and silent arguments that provoke to embarking on strike actions are often traceable to the issues of poor remuneration. The need for appropriate work compensation is necessary and important to every profession. Perhaps, I will want to focus definitely on the nursing profession.

Poor Remuneration: Pay Nurses well

The nursing profession in Nigeria and most part of Africa has suffered under payment of salaries, wages and allowances over time. There is often times a degrading or inappropriate remuneration for the nurses who toil day and night in caring, staying with patients, deciding, maintaining, implementing and enforcing therapeutic care for the benefits of the clients and this can explain some of the imbalances, laxity and ineffective discharge of duties. Job satisfaction is pertinent when there is consolidating or commensurating remuneration. Even though, i do not try to justify the ineffective discharge of duties but this cannot be overemphasized if the truth must be told.

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The payment scale for nurses should be reviewed and evaluated because patients are at a high risk of enjoying inadequate care or non-standard care.

Why is this increase in the payment and reward of nurses important?

  • For the effective discharge of duties
  • To complement the sacrifices and professional roles of nurses
  • For the delivery of good and standard health care using evidence based techniques
  • It is necessary because it is a source of motivation
  • It encourages the need for working
  • It creates a satisfactory working environment
  • It complements to an extent the effort put into the discharge of duties and responsibilities.
  • In the absence of inadequate equipments it provides for the feeling of sense of worth or it boost self esteem
  • Improves responsibilities and service
  • Improves efficiency and effectiveness

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Nurses should be treated and regarded with much respect and high self esteem because they deserve it. It is an abuse to see a nurse less than who he or she is. Nurses are the largest health force in the world yet there is little or inadequate remuneration for them in Nigeria and most part of Africa? This is absurd, inappropriate and imbalanced. Government as well as non governmental institutions including private organizations need to deliberately and intentionally implement this for it is necessary.

For how long will the mouth of nurses for muzzled to thread? If the government cannot pay well or offer appropriate and commensurating remuneration to nurses they want to employ then they shouldn’t employ them at first because it is insulting, degrading, and devaluing. Nurses all over the world deserve to be treated and managed well because they are the fulcrum of the health profession



Abdullahi Suleiman a Certified Registered Nurse based in Nigeria, an Entrepreneur and Also a Blogger, passionate about Community Development and Cosmetic Nursing


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