Medicine vs Nursing in Abroad Which One Pays Higher? Selecting a course of study can be an easy activity, but picking a profitable course may not.

Aside from passion, there have been different views on which paramedic course is better and more profitable to study abroad. Working abroad accounts for renewed passion, professionalism, personal development, and financial remuneration. In this article, we would be going through the paramedic course that is most likely to earn you a higher income between Medicine and Nursing abroad.

Doctors and Nurses alike receive good compensation for their service to humanity, but there is yet a thin line between the profession that is most profitable.

The earnings of health specialists in different countries are not the same. Matter of factly, there is a wide range between the Salaries of Doctors and Nurses in some countries, and for this, the courses have been outlined under the benchmark of the country where they are most profitable.

The density of paramedics in a country is a major determinant of this gradient in different countries. In some parts of the world, there are more Doctors, while I’m others there are more Nurses. Because of this, the income of health care personnel in a country decreases with an increased density of workers.

Medicine vs Nursing in Abroad Which One Pays Higher

1. Luxembourg

Nurses – $91,000

Doctors in Specialist Training – $271,889

Although they rank among the countries that pay their health care personnel the most, it is established that the employment rate is poor. The income of workers is laced with burdening tasks and laws, which inconveniences most of the caregivers.

A new-entry nurse earns at least $60,000 annually, and a Registered Nurse, $125,000 on average.

2. Denmark

Nurses – $87,436

Doctors in Specialist Training – $91,000

General Practitioners – $109,000

 Doctors and Nurses are in high demand in Denmark, primarily because most of the caregivers have reached the retiring age.

3. Canada

Nurses – $75,660

Doctors in Specialist Training – $360,000

General Practitioners – $282,000

Canada is home to International Nursing, as the governing board of Registered Nurses; The College of Nurses of Ontario is located here. However, the doctors in this location still earn more than the Nurses.

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4. Austria

Nurses – $73,199

Doctors in Specialised Training – $213,200

General Practitioner – $141,500

5. The Netherlands

Nurses – $72,261

Doctors in Specialist Training – $226,173

General Practitioners – $137,500

The Netherlands is a charismatic city and has a thriving excellent healthcare system. Healthcare workers here receive many benefits, which include paid leaves and yearly vacations. There are also strict labor laws binding in this country, which restricts healthcare workers from working overtime. Doctors are allowed to work in private or public healthcare centers.

6. Belgium

Nurses – $72,000

Doctors in Specialist Training – $331,200

General Practitioners: $96,695

Belgium, like most European nations, has an excellent healthcare system. Belgium is a small country, and the deficiencies are limited to primary care. Citizens of Belgium and the EU are given preferences in the medical profession.

7. Australia

Nurses- $69,699

Doctors in Specialist Training – $121,000

 General Practitioners – $350,000

A doctor intending to work in Australia would earn higher than a Nurse in the same country.

An entry-level nurse in Australia earns at least $28 hourly. The salary increases as experience increases and can amount to a yearly income of $60,000 to $70,000. Most persons are interested in working in Australia because the country permits travelers to be fully employed, yet embark on numerous explorations.

Foreigners are expected to apply for a visa indicating their full working rights before they can work here. They are also required to register under Australia’s Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA).

8. United States

Nurses – $67,490

Doctors in Specialist Training: $341,000

General Practitioners – $237,000

While the salary of a Registered Nurse in the US amounts to $67,490 annually, the income range is between $45,000 to $94,000. Nurses working in San Francisco and San Jose, California earn the highest salaries among Nurses.

The United States employs Doctors from all parts of the world to work in their health systems. Citizenship is granted to medical professionals who step up their game in the practice of caregiving.

Doctors who have an interest in the practice of primary care, pathology or psychiatry, have a higher propensity to thrive as the country needs professionals in those fields, for the rural establishments.

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9. Switzerland

Nurses- $64,793

Doctors in Specialist Training – $697,000

General Practitioners – $297,000

Switzerland has a low density of both nurses and doctors. This is because of the high cost of living in the country. Also, one of the requirements for applications is literacy and speech fluency in one of the country’s national languages (Italian, French, Roman, and/or German). However, some hospitals employ health care personnel that can only speak English.

10. New Zealand

Nurses – $51, 128

Doctors in Specialist Training – $145,000

General Practitioners – $180,000

11. Norway

Nurses – $46,050

Doctors in Specialist Training – $197,449

The job opportunities in Norway, are limited to only those who speak Norwegian or are from the European Union. Because of this, the country is short of medical and health practitioners.

12. United Kingdom

Nurses – $43,000

Doctors in Specialist training – $48,869

General Practitioners (GPs) – $83,836

Registered Nurses earn quite a fortune in the UK, in contrast to the Nurses at entry-level, whose income is about $30,000 yearly. The salaries of Doctors are almost the same, as that of Nurses. In some areas, the salary of Nurses is higher.

13. Germany

Nurses – $37,500

Doctors in Specialised Training – $222,700

General Practitioners – $214,700

14. Ireland

Nurses- $34,000

Doctors in Specialist Training – $209,000

General Practitioners – $134,131

Nurses are in high demand in Ireland, and because of this, there are varying opportunities to explore in the nursing career. The country has efficient health care systems, but there is still a need to establish better working conditions for paramedics.

15. Italy

Nurses – $30,179

Doctors in Specialist Training – $117,045

Italy has a vast population, and ss such require many hands on deck in the work of practical health. The Healthcare systems available in this country are underdeveloped.

Junior doctors must work in the public health system before they can enter private practice.

16. Dubai

Nurses – $22,708

Doctors in Specialist Training – $73,569

Registered Nurses (RN) in Dubai, earn an average annual income of AED 83,399. Although the country tanks among the richest, their nurses receive a rather low pay compared to that by the Doctors. Amidst the low pay, Nurses are thriving in the country. Good knowledge and experience in Acute care, Labor and Delivery, determines the incentives and promotions that a Nurse can earn in this country.

The income of a Nurse at some hospitals in Dubai is similar to that earned in the United States. Generally, Americans earn higher than nurses in Dubai because their income is tax-free, and insurance covers their healthcare requirements.

Conclusion: Medicine vs Nursing in Abroad Which One Pays Higher

Having gone through the list, you would observe that the income generated in different locations is not the same. However, Doctors are paid higher in most countries but you would also notice that they are not in high demand in those countries. Unlike the Nurses, who are in high demand, but earn lesser on average when compared to the Doctors.

With this disparity, it is agreeable that Medicine is the more profitable profession, but has its downside as low employment rate. Nursing is a commendable profession too, as they are highly recognized in most countries, but their average earnings are lower.


Abdullahi Suleiman a Certified Registered Nurse based in Nigeria, an Entrepreneur and Also a Blogger, passionate about Community Development and Cosmetic Nursing

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