Check out the list of nursing schools in Miami Florida. Miami, Florida, draws tourists from all over the world with its picturesque coastlines and exciting nightlife. It is a popular tourist attraction and a center for global trade, commerce, banking, and business. Miami’s hospitals are lacking nurses and other healthcare workers despite development in these sectors. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that RNs in the city make an average of slightly over $33 per hour and that job growth will likely continue in the near future. Acute care and geriatrics are two specialties where advanced practice nurses can expect to make more money.

ADN & BSN Programs for Beginners in Miami, Florida

Nursing may be a career option to think about if you just received your high school diploma, have just returned from serving in the military, or have made the decision that it’s time for a career change. Miami, Florida’s entry-level nurses currently make a respectable salary and have the opportunity to earn more by continuing their studies. Even if you have little to no prior nursing experience, many city and community institutions make it simple to enroll in their nursing programs.

LPN to RN Programs

Among the many duties LPNs carry out each day are putting patients at ease and attending to their basic requirements. By becoming RNs, LPNs have considerably more power over the health outcomes of their patients. The Mercy Hospital College of Nursing offers an on-site, one-year LPN to RN bridge program to make it simpler for LPNs to advance in their professions. Students get hands-on experience working in the real world because all clinical activities and education take place right at the hospital.

ADN Programs

The quickest route to becoming a registered nurse for entry-level nurses is through a two-year curriculum. Nursing foundations are taught to students, and they also get lab and clinical experience. Nurses get the skills necessary to give care in hospitals with several patients at Antigua College International in Miami. The college, which is recognized by the Florida Board of Nursing, offers students a well-rounded liberal arts and sciences education in addition to preparing them to take the NCLEX-RN exam.

Programs for Direct-Entry BSNs

With a Bachelor’s in Nursing, you may start your nursing profession with the ability to give patients better care. You can increase your income while also increasing your job security. Miami Regional College prepares its graduates to work in a variety of clinical healthcare situations and serves a varied clientele. In order to prepare them for today’s sophisticated healthcare facilities, students learn how to use modern healthcare technologies.


Top Ranked Accredited Nursing schools in Miami Florida

  • university of Miami
  • Nova Southeastern university
  • keiser university – fort lauderdate
  • Long Island university
  • Palm Beach Atlantic university
  • St Thomas university – Florida
  • Florida Atlantic university
  • Palm Beach State colleges
  • Florida National university
  • West coast university – Miami
  • HCT – College
  • Miami Regional university
  • South university – West Palm Bench
  • Miami Dade College
  • Barry university
  • Atlantic Technical colleges
  • South Florida Institute of technology
  • florida career colleges -lauderdate lakes
  • florida career colleges – west palm beach
  • florida career colleges – hieleah
  • florida career colleges -margate
  • florida career colleges -Boynton Beach

RN to BSN/MSN Programs in Miami, FL

Thanks to nursing bridge programs at Miami-area colleges, if you start your nursing career at a city or community college, it is simple to transition to a bachelor’s or even a master’s degree. These transfer programs maximize credits that students have already earned so they can finish their degrees faster.

RN to BSN Programs

Many RNs with an associate degree who have worked in the industry for a while will decide to complete their Bachelor of Science in Nursing in order to pursue a particular field, advance to the position of nursing supervisor, or increase their income. In addition to learning about nursing theory and its application, students at Miami Dade College in southeast Florida also investigate subjects including informatics, administration, health systems management, and occupational health nursing. It maximizes the curriculum completed for an ASN degree.

MSN programs for nurses

There are many people in the Miami, Florida, area who have medical or nursing degrees from countries other than the United States. These medical experts will most likely require new certifications in order to work as nurses in the US. For nurses with domestic and international licenses, Florida National University, which has a campus in Miami, provides an online-only RN to Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program. The evidence-based program puts an emphasis on both fundamental concepts and the most in-demand specialties.


The data from the U.S. Department of Education is used to put together important statistics and student reviews for the ranking of the Best Colleges for Nursing. The top nursing programs in the US are compared in the list. In order to reflect the general de-emphasis on test results in the college admissions process, the rankings this year have decreased the weight of ACT/SAT scores. Learn more about how this ranking was determined.


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