The image of nursing is dependent on the attitudes of its image bearers. You are not a nurse until your practice shows or tells so. In this article you will read on COMMITMENT TO NURSING PRACTICE A MUST FOR EVERY NURSE

Nursing still remains a noble profession. Over the years and around the world nursing has been ranked the profession with the highest or largest working force in the world. This is not just dependent on the obtainable skills of the profession but also on the capacity of the nurses. Nursing is a skilled, intellectual and sacrificial profession that requires all dedication, commitment and resilience in all aspect.

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There are several displays of attitude anomalies, professional imbalances and misconduct of nurses in different healthcare establishments. Sometimes how this happens still baffles me because one who calls himself or herself a nurse should be one girded, trained and equipped with adequate and relevant skills necessary to discharge effectively his or her respective duties without any compromise and prejudice following the laid down principles and procedures of nursing care practice. Meanwhile these days the reverse is the case. You meet a graduate nurse who just graduated from the university without skills as well as a school of nursing student who just finished school of nursing but can’t boast of relevant skills. It is usually alarming and disheartening. Either the predicament is from the nurses themselves or from the institutions where they were trained.

Commitment To Nursing Practice A Must For Every Nurse

The problem, factor or reason behind the lack of commitment is a matter of the foundation of the nurse. One of the reasons why nurses lose commitment in their workplaces could be linked to the issue of lack of competence. Lack of competence leads to lack of commitment to the practice. In most part of the world there are nurses that are actually not adequately and sufficiently capacitated or equipped with skills. They lack the technical know-how even though they have gone the four walls of the universities. This is a serious challenge because this can affect the level at which they practice nursing. Even in hospitals, schools or working places where they are paid well to say.

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Professional negligence is also increasing daily because there is lack of commitment to work. If there must be a shift in this ideology and mindset that can translate the nurses into the realm of commitment to nursing practice then nurses must know that they have been called to serve humanity and it is an obligation to be carried out not just from God but from the oath of the profession.

In conclusion, the professional image and self reflection will remain bad and dark respectively if there is no shift in the laxity and lackadaisical attitudes of the nurses worldwide especially in Nigeria and Africa. Commitment is a virtue and therefore it must be understood from this perspective. Professional relevance is dependent on how committed and resilient nurses are or will become.



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