In this article, we outline the top 10 best nursing schools in Ghana. One of the professions with a lot of prospects on the worldwide employment market is nursing. Nursing graduates from Ghana work in some of the most prestigious hospitals and medical facilities in the world, especially in the Americas and Europe. They also work in hospitals and medical facilities close to home. Due to Ghana’s nursing schools’ innovative approach to professional training, the majority of them are accredited by the majority of international organizations.

What Ghanaian nursing program is the best? One of the greatest institutions is University of Ghana. Ghana now has dozens of excellent nursing schools as a result of an increase in medical professional training. You are assured of graduating from these institutions as a skilled and licensed medical practitioner

Top 10 Best Nursing schools in Ghana

A career in nursing focuses on providing care to individuals, families, and communities in order to achieve, maintain, or regain optimal health and quality of life. The following nursing training institutions in Ghana offer the best curricula, uniform tuition, and entry requirements

1. University of Ghana

The University of Ghana’s School of Nursing offers programs at the degree and PhD levels. The application is available to all Ghanaians and foreign students because it is a state-owned university. The standard university prerequisites for direct entry must be satisfied in order for you to be eligible for the degree program.

On the other hand, if you have a diploma from an accredited university, you can use it to gain admission. You can apply on the university’s portal if you fulfill the minimal requirements. A form is also available through the university’s Academic Affairs Office.

Each applicant must pay a GH$200.00 non-refundable application fee. You have two options for making your payment: either through MTN Money or one of the university’s bank accounts.

2. Valley View University

Are you trying to find a college that offers Christian nursing education that is founded on values? If so, Valley View University would be a great fit for you. Despite the fact that the school started accepting nursing students in 2007, it offers a variety of degree programs.

You must be between the ages of 18 and 35 to be eligible for the degree program. Candidates for the SSSCE must have three core subjects and three elective subjects with credit passes (A-D). A1 through C6 credit passes in three core topics and three pertinent elective subjects are required for WASSCE applicants.

There are several ways to pay tuition at Valley View University. No matter how one chooses to pay, the cost of attending school might range from GHC 2,220 to GHC 3,702.

3. Central University

One of Ghana’s top private nursing schools is Central University. Despite the university’s limited offerings for nursing students, the BSc Nursing Degree program consistently draws a large number of applications. You must be between the ages of 18 and 35 to be eligible for the nursing program.

Additionally, you must have an overall score of 24 or grades between A and D in all three major academic subjects—English and mathematics—as well as three electives. Apply via the university’s site if you match the criteria. As an alternative, get the application materials by visiting the campus. However, the cost of the procedure is GHC 100.00.

School costs for new students are different from those for enrolled students. Prices for Ghanaian students vary based on the nursing program from GH 2,500 to GH 4,175.

4. Western Hills School of Nursing

The Accra-based Western Hills School of Nursing offers a variety of programs. The Diploma in Registered General Nursing Programme (RGN), NVTI Certificate Course, and Registered Nurse Assistance Clinical are the primary courses (RNAC).

Despite the fact that the school is private, all applicants must have an overall score in the three elective subjects and the other three core subjects of no less than 30. Professionals may also apply if they possess the necessary documentation attesting to their status as active nurses.


Once you’ve fulfilled the prerequisite, get in touch with the school at 0244634200 or 0243783875 to speak with a representative. The representative will also advise you on where to get the application forms. The cost varies by nationality and academic year. For instance, first-year expenses, which include admission, exam, and residence fees, could reach GH 2,100. There is no entry fee for continuing students, hence the number decreases as one advances.

5. Ophthalmic Nursing School Korle Bu

One of the training institutions in Ghana that is owned by the government is the Ophthalmic Nursing School. The school provides undergraduate and graduate-level programs. One must pay attention when the college announces the dates for application because there are a limited number of slots available due to the increased number of applicants.

 To everyone’s relief, the application procedure is easy and impartial. Purchase the codes from ADB and GCB banks to apply for any program, then complete the online application. You may also choose to utilize MTN money. Use the serial number and PIN as soon as you have them once you have them.

The Ophthalmic Nursing School Korle Bu will contact you to schedule an interview if your application is accepted. The primary objective of the screening is to verify your credentials and suitability for the applied course.

6. Kintampo College of Health

Government-owned Kintampo College of Health offers undergraduate, graduate, and certificate-level coursework. The institution receives a large number of applications each year, just like Ophthalmic Nursing School. You must purchase the admission codes from ADB and GCB banks in a timely manner if you want to increase your chances of being accepted into the nursing program.

If you want, you can pay with MTN Money to obtain the application data. The Governing Council reviews the fees annually to make sure they still represent Ghana’s current economic situation. The price for first-year students has recently been around GHC 2,100. However, keep an eye out for the most recent charge schedule.

7. Martin Luther King Health Training School

Nursing certificate programs are offered by the Accra-based Martin Luther King Health Training School. An ideal addition to medical teams and hospitals, particularly those in need of a trained nurse, is someone who has completed the two-year curriculum. If you are an SSSCE candidate, you must meet the same conditions as other Ghana nursing training admissions (at the certificate level) and have an overall score of 27.

Candidates for the WASSCE are required to have an overall score of 42 in three core subjects and three electives. Fill out the online application on the website if you are eligible for the program. Both physical copies of the completed forms and online submissions are accepted by the university.

The college will send the acceptance letter with the first year’s fee schedule once you have been accepted. You could also give the college a call at 0594981850 or 0594981829 for additional details and to obtain the fee schedule in advance.

8. Health Concern Ghana

Health Concern  A private college in Ghana offers nursing programs. The Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana has also granted the Accra-based college accreditation to provide a variety of programs. The college now offers two courses: Nurse Assistant Clinical and Diploma in Midwifery (NAC).

You must have an A1 to E8 on your WASSCE in order to be eligible for NAC. On the other hand, if a student has a Post Nurse Assistant Clinical certificate or another equivalent credential, the college will allow them to its diploma program. You can obtain the application forms at the campus in Accra if you meet the minimal requirements.

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You can also send them an email at or call 0244364664 to speak with a representative. Despite being a private institution, Health Concern Ghana is subject to fee regulation by the appropriate government agency. It fluctuates, though, according to the nation’s economic situation.

9. St Karol School of Nursing

One of Ghana’s approved nursing schools is St. Karol. The elite college also offers some of the best connections to Ghana’s leading medical facilities. Since the application process is constantly changing due to technological advancement, getting in touch with the school through (+233) 244 620 960 or (or is a great place to start.

Students from the school therefore have greater access to resources (medical and expertise) during their training. For various programs, St. Karol has varying criteria.

In contrast to certain colleges in Ghana, the organization does not discriminate against applicants based only on their age. The cost of attending St. Karol School of Nursing varies depending on the program and nationality of the student. The tuition is uniform for local students in order to provide equal access to education.

10. Kumasi Nurses and Midwifery Training School

The Kumasi Nurses and Midwifery Training School provides certificate programs and BSC programs in nursing. It offers a simplified application process for all of its programs because it is a college that is connected with Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. You must have earned credit passes (A-D) in three core classes and three pertinent electives before beginning the application process.

You also need to be between the ages of 18 and 35 to apply for any program. The applications from working professionals interested in pursuing further education are also accepted by the school. Sadly, there is no online application for nursing school. To obtain the application forms, call the college at +233-271-917926 or go to the office.

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After being accepted into the institution, you will be required to pay a GHC 1,500 admission fee as well as a GHC 200 SRC yearly fee. Additionally, first-year hall dues, which are presently GHC 100, must be paid by students. Finally, all programs require students to pay the GH 360 UCC examinations fee.


The ten nursing schools in Ghana mentioned above not only provide some of the best programs, but they have also made improvements to their facilities. Additionally, to guarantee that only the best enter the profession, the relevant ministry routinely reviews the entrance requirements.

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