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Nursing profession over the years have been rated the best and most respected profession in the globe courtesy of Dr Tedros (WHO). Quite a number of nursing procedures are evolving everyday in the western and European continents but reverse is the case in Africa. The burden to transform the African nursing care sector is a bull to catch by the horn. There must be resilient hands on desks to activate, initiate, and implement structurally beneficial measures to erase the quackery, impersonation, forgery and negligence in the health sector particularly in the nursing profession.
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It’s expedient to note the following:

Solution To African Nurses Reformation And Revitalization

  1. Reformation has to do with creating a new structure out of the already existing one. Focusing on the abnormalities of the current one in order to fixed it to a better system. A lot of lives have been lost by several despicable attitudes and actions of people who are “acclaimed nurses” because of poor measures that are in place. Often times these measures do not provide for appropriate waste management, infection control, and promotion of health.
  2. The African nursing practice with the help of West African college of nursing has to understand basically the public health concept “health for all”. Good quality care delivery is needed and should be assessable to all irrespectively of their background, race, religion, social strata, occupation, medical condition etc. the African nurse must comprehend that quality healthcare delivery is mandatory to all clients and must be delivered as such. There should be no discrimination, dichotomy nor should bigotry of patient, inequality of right, injustice and inequity be maintained when dealing with all patients.
  3. There is a strong concern demanding all nurses in Africa to be well educated and not misinformed continuously. The African nurse should be fully armed with tremendously justified skills and competency. The ability to intellectually make accurate nursing diagnosis and produce a consistent nursing care plan for implementation must be part of all African nurses. A lot of waters have gone down the gutters for drainage and there is a need to advance in nursing education. There should be an increasing appetite for knowledge and insatiable desire and quest for relevant medical information.
  4. Creation of innovative health facilities and adequate equipment is encouraged. The African government agency e.g. organization of African Union (OAU), has a great responsibility in revitalizing the African health facilities if w must measure up to the global standard of nursing practice in western civilization. Many nurses over time have risk the lives of people by improvising because of lack of adequate materials and resources needed for good quality healthcare delivery. Expanding the scope of machinerie4s used will help reform the system a great deal.
  5. Nurses need to be acquainted with the new technologies developed for easier work and more accurate diagnosis and care of patient. Due to inadequate technologies over time nurses in Africa have been forced to maintain and stick to old model and old fashioned technologies which makes work cumbersome and even bored and uninteresting. The need to acclimatize with the new global standard technologies is a call to be taken into cognizance. These equipments should also be introduced in the colleges and schools of nursing and universities in Africa to begin an early stage of student nurses training.

  6. Digital nursing is a major aspect of nursing to be thoroughly considered in the African tradition of nursing. It is beginning to go viral in the western and world and a good course for better patient’s accessibility, communication, interaction, monitoring and care delivery. Digital nursing has to do with the use of electronic and computerized gadgets or technologies to deliver care. This could involve mobile applications such as patient touch to monitor, control and deliver care to patients without really having to have a contact often with the patient.
  7. Establishing a collaboration network among African nurses. The collaboration measures are distal enough to have explained our current situation. There should be a networking system among African nurses. A platform where professional ideas, information, innovations, initiatives, programmes, councils, technologies, modern nursing techniques and paramount skill training and acquisition can be impacted is necessary. This will serve as a communal and symbiotic unification for African nurses.
  8. A broadcasting system where the voice of the African nurses can be held as a demand to measure up to the nursing profession needs to be publicized to inform the public correctly against the already existing misconceptions about the nursing profession.

    Written By Nr Danladi Aminu (RN, BNSc)

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