In This Article You Will Read About Social Media Effects And Nigeria Leaders

Social Media Effects And Nigeria Leaders

Social media platforms mostly Facebook has been a nightmare to any principal or minor public office holder who is not ready to utilize such position as an opportunity for a human and societal values and development.
If the owners of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, watsapp, wee chats etc are Nigerians, no doubt today, Nigerian government would have bought all over night or closed them using dubious and ambiguous policies in a bid to nefariously streamline the majority of Nigerian populace to “the more you look,the less you see” system of government.
The successive government of Nigeria has tried a lot to tamper and subdue social media activities having known it’s the only way masses can voice out their contributions, concerns, feelings, opinions in favour or against government policies and the only way they can protest and demonstrate against an ill conceived governance and representations but all their efforts yielded no result as the owners of social media platforms are scholars and technocrats from the western world where human right is valued and protected including right to freedom of information acts.
In our county Nigeria, social media has played much significant roles and has made overwhelming impact in our polity and leadership. It has been a voice of breakthrough from the neglected poor citizens who constantly take to their social media handles to kick against some rootless policies introduced by government like the bill against hate speech, bill against social media, bill against generator and other unguided bills that would have today scaled through and become law if not the intervention of social media platforms.
In my chats with one neutral leader close to asorock, abuja, He told me the greatest nightmares some leaders face when making policies considering what peoples’ reactions through social media platforms would be.
In Nigeria where peaceful demonstration is always intercepted by heavy bloodbath, the masses are left at nothing but to use social media to pass votes of no confidence against their senators, reps members and even Governors who have compromised the plights of his constituent or state for his selfish and self centered interest.
Social media in Nigeria has tremendously lifted the voice and opinion of the masses which ordinarily should have died unvoiced not even through radio stations, print newspapers, magazines or televised means.
Today in our country, social media information circulates wider and faster than any other means of sending or receiving information. In the last covid-19 national address presented by president mohammadu buhari, social media has circulated the speech even before the presentation commenced.
To the Nigerian populace mostly the youths who are at the receiving ends of leadership, we must rise up and pick our social media handles as our WEAPONS and TOOLS to defeat every form of ungodly policies, unpopular governance and ineffective representations using every constructive and proactive means without being partisan or political regardless of whose ox is glored.
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With our social media handles, we shall restore sanity, decency, credibility, transparency, accountability, effective democracy and good Governance in Nigeria.
God bless mark zukerbierg and other founders of social media platforms worldwide, Amen!
Long live federal Republic Of Nigeria!
Sen.Nnaemeka Agwu(UNICAL)
30th April, 2020.


Abdullahi Suleiman a Certified Registered Nurse based in Nigeria, an Entrepreneur and Also a Blogger, passionate about Community Development and Cosmetic Nursing

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