one of the challenges that’s facing Nursing Profession in SAY is issue of Quackery In Nursing, in this article you will read on NO TO QUACKERY IN NURSING: QUACKERY MUST STOP!!

Quackery is an enemy of process. It is the negation of proper training and the reverse of legitimacy and it is an anti excellence. The phenomenon of quackery is not something new to the nursing profession and other professions at large. Many times, people who are unskilled, untrained and uncultured in the nursing college or university and without a nursing degree or licensure from the nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria found their way out into the society and they begin to treat and administer what looks like nursing care to poor and ignorant individuals especially in the villages. Check this Accredited Schools of Nursing In Ekiti State

Not just in the villages alone but also some are found in the urban cities were they run a chemist, clinics or are employed by unwise and ignorant doctors who by reason of their illiteracy cannot pay the qualified nurses enough.
Because of the gravity of the negative effect of quackery, it is therefore a mandatory call not just to the public but especially to the nurses to fight quackery.

Say No To Quackery In Nursing: Quackery Must Stop!!

Quackery must be stopped at any level of healthcare delivery. This is so bad because:

  • It predisposes patients to enormous health risks and hazards
  • It leads to maternal and child death
  • Increase in mortality rate
  • Increase in the prevalence and incidence of diseases and infections
  • It creates or renders to futility the effort of healthcare professionals in trying to curb the spread of diseases or during surveillance
  • Quackery can leave a life threatening mark in the lives of the patients or clients.

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Quackery over time has gotten attention especially by the rural dwellers because of ignorance and illiteracy and sometimes because of the economic crisis so patients will prefer where to pay less and still get the treatment even though they are not even aware about the insufficiency of the quack. Quackery must be ended and must be stopped because it retrogressive and degrading coupled with the fact that it is unprofessional.

In conclusion, permit me to say that there is nursing like auxiliary nurse in the nursing profession. You are either a nurse or you are not. Let no doctor deceive you to be employed and then he promised to train you himself who is a doctor as a nurse. Do not be deceived, no doctor in the clinic setting or hospital establishment can teach you nursing. Nursing is learnt in the classroom taught by trained and qualified nursing tutors or lecturers for duration of 3 to 5 years with a semester or session clinical experience under supervision and not in the clinics or hospitals. Let no single or double illiterate doctor deceive you with this professional evil and robbery. All nurses and every individual must fight quackery in the nursing profession

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