One of the challenges that’s facing Nursing Profession in SAY is issue of Quackery In Nursing, in this article you will read about Quackery In Nursing Nigeria: Must Stop!!!

Quackery is an enemy of process. It is the negation of proper training and the reverse of legitimacy and it is an anti excellence. The phenomenon of quackery is not something new to the nursing profession and other professions at large. Many times, people who are unskilled, untrained and uncultured in the nursing college or university and without a nursing degree or licensure from the nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria found their way out into the society and they begin to treat and administer what looks like nursing care to poor and ignorant individuals especially in the villages.

Tolu:Everybody join me rejoice ooo.
Tomorrow is my freedom from nursing profession💃

Bisola: Freedom?
Do nurses do freedom?

Tolu: Yes nau.
So you don’t know?

Bisola: Tolu, please just so you know, you just shot yourself in the feet by using the word “freedom”

Nursing is not tailoring or carpentry so there is nothing like freedom celebration.

I know when you dropped out from secondary school and that was about 18months ago.

I didn’t hear about your admission into any school of nursing or university, so I am sure you went to learn injection giving at a roadside hospital

Tolu: whatever!
All I know is that I can treat you of any sickness, she says proudly.

Bisola: I will advise you to go back to school and pass WAEC and JAMB.
Then apply to a proper school

Tolu: Haaaa, I can’t ooo.
Thats a long process and it’s stressful.

Bisola: Nothing good comes easy.
I will never submit myself to you for any kind of care. I can’t take that risk. I don’t even know who trained you.

Please do the right thing!

The above story is an exchange between two teenagers, 18year olds that live in the same neighbourhood.

Quackery In Nursing Must End.
Quackery has eaten deep into the Nigerian society so much that majority of it’s populace face similar challenges and more.

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Who is a Nurse ❓
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Both are individuals who has completed nursing and midwifery formal education, acquired the necessary knowledge and skills and has been licenced by the Nursing and Midwifery council to practice in that capacity.

Quackery In Nursing Nigeria: Must Stop!!
A Picture of Certified Registered Nurse

Only the Nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria that has the right to confer anyone the title of a NURSE or Midwife in Nigeria.

Without this authorization, others are

  • Quacks.
  • Native healers.
  • Mummy C.O and their likes.😎

👉🏼No one wakes up one day and becomes a Nurse.

👉🏼Learning the trade of ‘giving injections’ do not make one a Nurse

👉🏼Parading in a white uniform don’t qualify one a Nurse

Quackery in Nursing has metastasized like an advance cancer in Nigeria causing increase mortality rate and mistrust in Nursing profession.

The nursing profession deserves better!
Our patients deserve quality care!

Causes quackery in Nigeria;

Greed of private hospital owners and desire for cheap labour.

2) Poor regulation of nursing practice and high tolerance to corruption in Nigeria.

3) Lack of value for human lives.

4) High level of ignorance and poverty in the Nigerian society.

Watch the video above and kindly share with as many people as possible.
We won’t stop till we get some breakthrough.

This is Day 2.
Do well to watch the full video here:

Quackery must be stopped at any level of healthcare delivery. This is so bad because:

  • It predisposes patients to enormous health risks and hazards
  • It leads to maternal and child death
  • Increase in mortality rate
  • Increase in the prevalence and incidence of diseases and infections
  • It creates or renders to futility the effort of healthcare professionals in trying to curb the spread of diseases or during surveillance
  • Quackery can leave a life threatening mark in the lives of the patients or clients.

Abdullahi Suleiman a Certified Registered Nurse based in Nigeria, an Entrepreneur and Also a Blogger, passionate about Community Development and Cosmetic Nursing

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