In this article you will about Political Party Membership Registration Exercise: The Call To Naija Nurses

Political Party Membership Registration Exercise: The Call To Naija Nurses

While we call on Uncle Mike and his crew to Responsible leadership, HOW FAR MY FELLOW NURSES AND NGA MEMBERS are we going about the ongoing APC Registration and the forthcoming PDP membership mobilization? Have appeal with the leadership of Union to commence the drive to ensure our Nurses get registered with the party of their choice especially between APC and PDP now that the window period is opened and legitimate.


NURSES should get their membership Registration done with APC as from February 9th. I wish we can streamline our involvement to both APC and PDP due to some comparative advantages of the moment. Visit your WARD, there are designated officials assigned to attend to you NATIONWIDE.
The Difference Between Nurse Leadership vs. Management
By April, we shall intensify the mobilization for that of PDP too. For now, go and register with APC. 2023/2027 is by the corner and we cannot continue to be looking like orphan in the committee of nations.

Political Party In NigeriaThis is not time to be shouting “APC is bad, PDP is evil“. Their is difference between political PARTY and POLITICIANS! It is Politicians that spoilt our Political Parties because the righteous ones like “YOU” are engrossed with wound dressing, vital signs monitoring, care of catheter and two hourly turning…….., and not the name: APC, PDP, SDP, LP, APGA, AAC etc.
It is a conscious sensitization and call for all of us to do something before something will do us!
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Dear Comrades and colleagues anticipating for your RESPONSE.
Nurses Millennial Movement.

Abdullahi Suleiman a Certified Registered Nurse based in Nigeria, an Entrepreneur and Also a Blogger, passionate about Community Development and Cosmetic Nursing

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