Nannm: The Journey So Far After One Year


The NAC, Former NANNM Leaders, NEC, Leadership of all
Specialist/Pressure Groups, SAC, SEC, Unit Executives (All
Units), All NANNM Members at the grass-root.

Leadership of N&MCN, Board Members, State Directors,
Principals/Head of Schools, Coordinators of Post Basic Schools, head of Departments (All Universities), the Military and Paramilitary Members, Private Practitioners / Establishments, the Media, and Nigeria Government.

Nannm: The Journey So Far After One Year
Fraternal Greetings to all Leaders!
I am delighted to thank and appreciate you for your contributions,So far made since the inception of the current
leadership/administration. To have appraisal of the journey so far after one year, it is obvious that no meaningful success could have been recorded without your unique contributions. I thank and appreciate you, even as you tolerate our shortcomings. Looking at the situation on ground, and the challenges ahead, I call on all leaders and members of the association at all levels, to think critically, reflect on current challenges faced by members,
N&MCN, NANNM, and Nursing Professional in general, with a view to provide a way forward, to safeguard the future of Nursing Profession in Nigeria and beyond.

Apology to any State Council that did not have Secretariat
representative, during their 2021 Nurses Week Celebration, which was due exigencies of the office and oversight. It was not out of neglect or disregard. Congratulations to all who actually celebrated the nurses’ week in 2021.

Activities within the Period under Review, after one Year!

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 Successful resolution of post-election grievances/conflicts in affected Zones and States.

 Successful conduct of bye-election in affected State councils.

 Successful conduct of regular NBOT, NAC, NEC Meetings, including adhoc/committee meetings in 2021.

 Progress in National Adhoc Committee Meetings/Report.

 Purchase of land/payment to investors is in advance stage.

 Presentation of Financial Statement and Passage of 2022 budget.

 Successful celebration of 2021 Nurses Week.

 Priority attention to members’ needs and welfare: submission has been made to Government and Stakeholders for consideration and positive action.

▪ Ratification of Entry Point for Graduate and Intern Nurses.

▪ Upward Review of all Professional allowances.

▪ Creation of Nursing Department.

Digitalization of membership of NANNM.

 Development of Job description for postgraduate Degrees in Nursing.

 Request for appointment of members to top public offices.

 Review and update staff conditions of service.

 Preparation of draft document for Leaders/members education.


The Association calls on Government at all levels to address the following:

 Provision of functional working tools/ equipment for effective and efficient healthcare delivery.

 Ratification of placement of Graduate Nurses and Intern Nurses in the Scheme of Service of the Federation

Improved salary packages (Consolidated Nurses Salary
Structure, CNSS).

  •  Upward review of professional allowances (Shift duty, Call duty, Teaching, Rural posting, Uniform, Specialty allowance etc
  •  Payment of desirable hazard allowance as Clinical practitioners, most exposed to hazard/diseases.
  •  Provision of safe working environment through improvement in security services within the work environment.
  •  Payment of any outstanding arrears of salaries/allowances.
  •  Employment of more Nurses and Midwives to reflect WHO ratio of (1:4 instead of 1:50) Nurses to Patients.
  •  To allow pump price of fuel at current rate per liter, to address global economic hardship being experienced today.
  •  The Association calls on all Nigeria Nurses and Midwives to continue to put in their best to protect the life of any patient under their care, regardless of the difficult conditions faced because life is precious.
  •  It is expected that when these areas of needs are addressed by Government and relevant stakeholders in health, including the Federal Ministry of Health, the narrative will change for
  • better to the benefits of individuals, families, and
  • communities/General Public.
  •  We deeply appreciate the Federal Government for effort in respects of upward review of hazard allowance and payment of April/ May 2018 salaries of workers as well as addressing issues of insecurity in the country.
  •  Let us use this festive period to pray for unity of the country, also praying the Almighty to grant us all, sound health, success in our desires/ good intentions, strength in leadership,
  • disciplined mind, and long life.

President, NANNM


Abdullahi Suleiman a Certified Registered Nurse based in Nigeria, an Entrepreneur and Also a Blogger, passionate about Community Development and Cosmetic Nursing

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