Overtime now a lot of persons believe that the national association of Nigerian Nurses and Midwives (NANNM) that is saddled with the responsibility of politically addressing the issues, challenges, supporting, making policies and serving as intermediary body between all nurses in Nigeria and the federal government has been idle. Some persons say this is due to ignorance or limited access to information or knowledge that unveils the activities of NANNM as well as most persons say it because they want to blackmail the image and confidence of NANNM. Most times, other persons say it because they want the association to buckle up and do something more challenging, expectant, brave, tremendous, better and extraordinary in order to foster the plight and objectives of the nursing profession in Nigeria.
Whatever it is I will like to say that NANNM in its own capacity as a conglomerate association of nurses has been trying even though not to expectation. Through the milestone they have been able to address certain issues and the fact the there was a mistake in the then approved unified payment scheme and graduate internship placement doesn’t mean that there was no necessary effort. To the later, that alone meant a great deal. Even though, I know processes are solidly on ground to create a better correction to the mistakes realized in the presentation of our national documents.


The fact that the released circulars distorted what was approved and created the rigors of approaching the national council for establishment (NCE) for correction does not imply that NANNM did nothing or that concerted effort is not being made to get it corrected through social dialogue mechanism said anonymous. For the avoidance of doubts, the last tangible effort to get it sorted out at the last NCE meeting at Lagos by the former president of NANNM, Lagos state chairman, Comrade Blessing and other state chairmen suffered a delay because a technical committee of NCE was set up to deal with all the issues required for correction in the Nurses scheme of service.
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The committee is currently working with NANNM leadership on the issue and sooner than later, positive result is expected to follow suit he continued. We should approach the challenges including the circular released by the national salary, incomes and wages commission using due process and diligence and exploiting the chaos in the health sector will be beneficial to get quick result.
For I know that appropriate response by NANNM is underway. The current leadership of NANNM is leading the struggle to amend all flaws associated with Nurses career progression and welfare within the shortest possible time.
The support of every Nurse especially the intellectuals in the ivory towers on the development of nursing professionals in Nigeria is what is needed rather than preaching division, distraction and outright collapse of our only professional association, NANNM. For those who think belonging to any other labor union other than NANNM is a solution, it is illusory and a sheer ignorance of labor laws, not minding the professional association status of NANNM.
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Therefore, Nurse Leaders need a rethink for us to build a virile association and trade union of our dreams. The choice is ours he concluded.
Nr. Danladi Aminu RN, BNSc


Abdullahi Suleiman a Certified Registered Nurse based in Nigeria, an Entrepreneur and Also a Blogger, passionate about Community Development and Cosmetic Nursing

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