In this article you will read on Military Nurse In Nigeria and how to become a Military Nurse In Nigeria 

Military Nurse  Serve in most major branches of the military including the army, Navy and airforce, They provide direct patient care for servicemembers and their families, perform medical duties for wounded soldiers, and pursue the same areas of practice specialization that nurses in civilian roles would. In this article you will read on Military Nurse In Nigeria 

No question being a military member can be a dangerous occupation, rife with opportunities for injury or harm. Luckily, military nurses are to monitor military members and give them the necessary medical treatment if require.

What Is A Military Nurse

A military nurse is a registered person who is also enrolled in one of the military branches, serving their country by providing medical treatment to other military’s. Military nurses also support the families of our servicemen and servicewomen. Military nursing is a major aspect of nursing vital to military success.

What Military Nurses do

Depending on section of the military you choose to work with, assignments can vary—but there’s never a dull moment. Depending on your addition of military needs, you may be expected to travel both nationally and internationally as part of your nursing duties. Military nurses can be called in to offer support during natural disasters. No matter where your post maybe, you’ll be navigating susceptible situations that require the utmost care and professionalism and you’ll need to be prepare for anything at any time. The

What Does a Military Nurse In Nigeria Do?

  • Military nurses have a number of the same responsibilities as traditional nurses. However, they are not only educated in basic nursing skills, but they’re also trained on how to work with military patients and how to work in a military environment.
  • Military nurses serve in most major branches of the military, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force.
  • They provide direct patient care for servicemembers and their families,
  • Provide emergency care to victims affected by natural disasters
  • Prescribe medication
  • Set up military triage in war zones
  • Work in pre-operative settings applying anesthesia
  • perform medical duties for wounded soldiers, and pursue the same areas of practice specialization that nurses in civilian roles would.

Where Do Military Nurses Work?

The most common places you will find military Nurse In Nigeria 2022 working in are:

  • Military Hospitals
  • Military Clinics
  • /Nursing facilities in and around combat zones

Active War Zones

This is where dangerous care skills come into start. Being a registered military nurse in an active war zone is avery much a grace under pressure situation as you’ll be expected to provide qiuck dangerous care to active duty military members who have been injured in war. You’ll be on the front line right apace with officers in war. Injuries can occur from gunfire wounds to loss of limbs, battle trauma to vehicular injuries, and other mission-critical medical situations that can be stressful especially under the added strength of being in a war zone.

It can be an intense and emotionally exhausting job, but many say the sacrifice is worth it than any job. This spearhead work is possible for all military nursing specialties army nurses, Navy nurses and more can all be nursing on the spearhead, helping service military members.

Army camp

Working on an army base does not have the same stress as furnishing care in an active war zone. Still, in some areas, you will be supporting recovering help. For the utmost part, suppose of working at an army base as working in a community or small city, where you will be offering standard and precautionary care to military families. Your day-to- day workload will include treating colorful conditions, medical conditions, and other varied injuries. These army nursers are no less precious than other nursing specialties within the service.

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Aeromedical Evacuation Liaison Brigades ( Airforce Nurses)

Still, you may find yourself a member of the AELT, If being a flight nanny in the Air Force is your part of choice. Working alongside a medical services fraternity officer and radio technicians, you will be called upon to give care to both military and civilians as demanded in active war zones, furnishing care for those with functional combat injuries while being transported to a different installation for further technical care. This can include amputations and other life- hanging injuries — suppose of it as” an ICU in the sky. “You may also offer exigency medical backing to locals and mate military outfits from other countries via sanitarium hookups.

Naval (water) Nursing

As a member of the Navy Nursing, your part as a nanny in the Navy means you will also be furnishing top- notch care to nonmilitary families, as well as furnishing care for those in need across the globe. It’s analogous to delivering care in the Army. Being a Naval nanny may mean being posted on a boat, where you will give care to active- duty members of the Navy. While employing all the standard registered nanny ways, you will also be uniting with croakers, surgeons, cardiologists, and more.


Military Nurses can also have specialties, similar as pediatrics or oncology, allowing for a more tailored interpretation of care for our nation’s icons. Specializing in a specific form of protect as a military nurse can help increase payment and contribute to particular and professional growth.

List of Military Nursing School in Nigeria.

we will be providing the complete list of Military Nursing Schools in Nigeria. Students should not just consider the list of these schools but they are also advised to carry out studies about them. Studies like their school fees, admission requirements, medical fees and other useful and helpful information. The List below contains the military Nurse in Nigeria that you need.

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Nigerian Airforce College of Nursing (NAFCON)

This academy is among the accredited Military Nursing Seminaries in Nigeria, and it’s also among the stylish. The admission conditions are also cheap, and scholars won’t find the entrance delicate. All they need is five credited in NECO, WAEC, or NABTEB in not further than two sittings.
Drugs, Chemistry, English Language, Mathematics, and Biology must be among the aspirants’ grades. Scholars who also want to apply for this academy should score a minimum of 120 in JAMB and be at least 16 times old’s.

Lagos State School of Nursing Military House

Lagos State School of Nursing Military House is also among the Military Nurses Seminaries in Nigeria. Just as the name suggest, it can be plant in Lagos, and these academy admission conditions are also veritably cheap. It’s analogous to the one above as scholars need at least five credits in O’level examinations like WAEC, NECO, and NABTEB.

Also, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, English Language and Chemistry are mandatory subjects that scholars should have in their O’Level result. The age conditions for Lagos State School of Nursing Military House are sixteen.

Other Military Nursing Schools in Nigeria in the country includes


The schools in the above list are military universities that have nursing departments and their admission requirements are similar to that of NAFCON. So students that want to apply are advised to carry out studies about them like their school fees and other important details.

In conclusion

Service nurses can work worldwide in war zones, military bases, or vessels at ocean. The work surroundings are frequently presto- paced and high- stress and bear staying calm under pressure. It isn’t uncommon for an army nanny to be stationed and work alongside colors in war zones during wartime.

During reconciliation, they watch for current or once military help and their families. Just like mercenary nurses, military nursers can specialize in colorful fields similar as pediatrics, psychiatry, trauma, midwifery, critical care, and neonatal nursing.

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