In this article you will Read about Men In Nursing : Can Men Be Nurses?

Men In Nursing : Can Men Be Nurses?

Don’t even think twice — YES. Men can be nurses! Nursing is an incredibly rewarding field with seemingly unlimited specialization opportunities. Men can become RNs, critical care nurses – even delivery nurses. This shouldn’t be a gendered field. Popular YouTube nurse, Nurse Mendoza, explains why he has no regrets becoming a nurse, and why he wants to see more men join the field of nursing. So break the stereotype and learn why nursing is a career for anyone who wants to save lives and educate patients.

So I’ve been aspiring to do nursing for about five years now. It’s amazing. It’s a rewarding career. It’s challenging. And we need to increase those numbers. And today’s discussion is about just getting more males in the nursing field. We have– it’s basically female, estrogen-filled and dominated type of scenario that you’re working in. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We just need to increase the numbers to even out the numbers with males and women working in the field. And I wouldn’t change what I have at all. I love being a male nurse. I have nothing wrong with that. I hate when people say chief, oga, patron to a male nurse.

Men In Nursing : Can Men Be Nurses?

Honestly, dude, I go in there as a student Nurse during my clinical at University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH), take care of the patient, we save lives. We educate them. We do what we need to do to help the patient get better and get in and out. We have to figure out the diagnosis. We do the critical thinking, hemodynamically get the patient stable, and then we get him out. We get him discharged, prognosis is great. But this is with the medical team that you work with, of course, with the Nurses, Midwives, physical therapist, your CNA, your CNOs, your RNs and SNOs. Whoever you are working with, your doctor, your whole medical staff, when you work together as a team, it’s beautiful.*

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So I wanted to touch base on men in nursing. And right now we have, few men in Nursing,Are you serious? That’s it? Few is not enough, y’all. If we have women in the military, women in our police officers, we should definitely increase the men in nursing. And let me tell you why, let me tell you this. You can go in the military. You can be a flight nurse. You can be an ER nurse. You can go critical care nurse. You can go even, if you want to deliver babies, you can do that if that’s what you want to do. But any type of specialty, you can get into. It’s your choice, guys. And that’s the amazing part about nursing. You can be a travel nurse. You can go into ER. You can go to critical care. You can go to med/surg, you can go to theatre, you can go to neuro. I mean, it’s ridiculous. It is beautiful. ThankGod with the expansion of the profession, enough men are coming in.

NURSING is genderless, Nursing Now is modern, dynamic and scientific. Then Nursing is feminine in nature cos men thought is only women that can take care of a sick ones in a compassionate manner, but with the expansion of the profession in a scientific era, men of wisdom, kindhearted who can also render same care and more, came into the profession cos care is not directed to woman as far as humanity is concern. The chances of men making it in Nursing is 100%. Feel free to study Nursing cos is Genderless



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