In this article, you will learn about the Masters in Nursing in University of Ibadan, the admission requirements, guidelines for admission and application, and other relevant information.

Masters In Nursing in University Of Ibadan

The number of professionals obtaining Master of Science In Nursing degrees has seen a significant rise in the last couple of years and this will continue to increase in the coming years.

Nurses who are interested in areas of practice other than the bedside as well as those who require an advanced nursing degree to enhance their professional competence in clinical practice will find having a Master of Science in Nursing degree highly beneficial.

Obtaining a Master of Science In Nursing degree makes you highly employable, boosts your earning capability, and earns you the respect of others as a result of the credibility attached to such advanced qualifications.

Master of Science in Nursing Career Outlook

The scope of practice for professionals with a Master of Science in Nursing qualification includes and is not limited to the following; These roles are dependent on the kind of specialty you enroll for.

  • Nurse Educators/Lecturers
  • Mental Health Nurse
  • Pediatrics Nurse
  • Community/Public Health Nurse
  • Nurse Informaticists
  • Clinical Nurse Leaders
  • Clinical Instructors/Preceptors
  • Clinical Nurse Specialists
  • Nurse Administrators
  • Nurse Managers
  • Directors of Nursing
  • Patient Care Coordinators
  • Nurse Researchers and so on.

Masters In Nursing In University of Ibadan

The Master of Science in Nursing and the Master of Philosophy in Nursing program offered by the University of Ibadan Postgraduate College is available in the following specialties;

  • Nursing Education,
  • Nursing Administration,
  • Medical/Surgical Nursing,
  • Mental Health/ Psychiatric Nursing,
  • Community Health Nursing,
  • Maternal, and Child Health Nursing

Although the minimum duration for any Master’s program in the University of Ibadan is three semesters of full-time study, however the admission for post-graduate studies in the University of Ibadan is of two (2) types.

The first is full-time admission for candidates who are not employed or those who have the permission of their employers to enroll in the full-time program.

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Secondly, part-time admission is for candidates who are working (with evidence of permission of employers to enroll in the program) or those who are academic staff of the institution.


To enroll for the Master of Science in Nursing (MSc.N) degree program at University College Postgraduate College, you need;

Five (5) O’level credit passes at one sitting for candidates coming with courses available in the University of Ibadan, College of Medicine and Pharmacy (undergraduates), or six O’level credit passes at two sittings including English Language and other relevant science subjects.

Bachelor’s degree (not below Second Class lower Division) in Nursing from the University of Ibadan or other Institutions recognized by the Senate.

Three (3) e-letters of recommendation from faculty members or others well acquainted with your academic work. Kindly note that the referee forms are part of the online application to be completed and submitted electronically.

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Official transcripts of all degrees you have completed are to be mailed directly to the Deputy Registrar/Admission Officer Postgraduate College. Please note that if the Registrar/authority of the University you studied in will provide an official copy to the College directly, you must enclose an unofficial or student’s copy of the transcript alongside the application for temporary reference.


  • To be admitted into the program, candidates should be graduates of the University of Ibadan or other Universities/Institutions recognized by the Senate. Admission shall be made by the Postgraduate College on the recommendation of the appropriate Faculty Postgraduate Committee.
  • Candidates that do not have any previous higher degrees in the relevant discipline may be admitted only to either the Degree of Master or the Professional Degree of Master.
  • Candidates with a recognized “Research Higher” Degree in the relevant discipline may be admitted to the M.Phil or Ph.D. degree programs as appropriate, on the recommendation of the appropriate Faculty Postgraduate Committee


  • All application forms should be completed and submitted online. Payment can be made on the platform or you can do so in any of the banks listed on the portal.
  • Kindly note that submission of any incomplete information from an applicant may delay or halt action to be taken on such application.
  • As a candidate, you can only apply to one department or program.
  • You are to upload relevant credentials and submit them alongside your application online.
  • An acknowledgment message about the progress of your application will be sent to the e-mail address you provided while filling out the application online.


Visit for an admission guide and guidelines on how to obtain the application form.

To start a new application or continue an existing application, click on the link below.

The cost of the application form is N13,000 for academic programs and N18,000 for professional programs.

Applicants for the degree of Master and Postgraduate Diploma are required to pay an additional fee of N3,000 for the test of proficiency in the English Language.

At Glance

Contact Details: The Postgraduate College,
University of Ibadan Phone: (+234) 909-0561462

Email: The Admission Officer



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