Discover the best master’s degree in nursing at Bayero University Kano. Find out how you can earn your degree and learn about career options for graduates. In this article you will read on List Of Accredited Postgraduate Nursing Courses Offered In Buk 2022

Are you looking for the current or approved list of accredited postgraduate nursing courses offered in Buk 2024 that you can apply to study for the 2023–2024 Academic session? Below are the list of postgraduate nursing programs available at Bayero Universty Kano.

list of Accredited postgraduate Nursing Courses offered in Buk 2022

  • MSc Community Health Nursing
  • MSc Nursing Administration
  • MSc Nursing Education
  • MSc Mental Health and Psychiatric
  • MSc Medical-Surgical Nursing
  • MSc Maternal and Child Heath Nursing
  • MSc Public Health Nursing and Policy
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing [PGDN]
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Nursing Education [PGDNE

MSc Community Health Nursing

Community Health Nursing is a field of Nursing Practice for which there exists a body of knowledge and related skills which is applied in meeting the health needs of the communities and of individuals, families in their normal environments such as home, school and the place of work.

Community health nurses work to improve the health and well-being of the communities they serve by educating them about illness, disease prevention, safe health practices, and how to obtain health care services. They also facilitate communication between people, their families, and the medical community in order to improve health outcomes.

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Community health nurses are instrumental in creating programs that allow communities to become healthier and often provide treatment for poor, culturally diverse, and uninsured populations. Their work may include performing free health care screenings, vaccinations, and other forms of preventative care at reduced costs.

What Is a Community Health Nurse?

A Community Health Nurse (CHN) is a registered nurse (RN) who specialize in promoting health for diverse communities, infants, children, adolescents and adults. One of the primary roles of a community health nurse is to identify health problems in the community and to provide health care to patients who may not have access to, or be able to afford, medical services.

CHNs develop intervention plans to address the health, safety, and quality of life needs of individuals and communities. They may also identify health concerns that impact a specific population, conduct community assessments to identify potential problems, and develop or implement health education programs.

MSc In Nursing Education

Nursing education is vital to creating future workforces of compassionate, well-trained nursing staff. Nursing education students learn to utilize a variety of teaching strategies in order to advance modern nursing practices and prepare upcoming nurses for the rewards and challenges of working in a healthcare setting.

Nurse educators play a pivotal role in strengthening the ever-important nursing workforce.

list of Accredited postgraduate Nursing Courses offered in Buk 2022

The Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs build upon the student’s baccalaureate nursing education and professional experience

MSc In Mental Health Nursing And Psychiatric

Mental health nursing, also known as psychiatric nursing, is a specialized field of nursing practice that involves the care of individuals with a mental health disorder to help them recover and improve their quality of life.

Mental health nurses have advanced knowledge of the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of psychiatric disorders that helps them provide specialized care. They typically work alongside other health professionals in a medical team with the aim of providing the optimal clinical outcomes for the patient.

Mental illness can affect individuals of any age, ethnic origin, or socioeconomic status. For this reason, a mental health nurse may need to work with many different individuals from various backgrounds.

Role Of Mental Health Nursing

A mental health nurse is responsible for the

  • Assessment and evaluation of the patient’s mental health
  • Development of treatment care plan
  • Consultation with other health professionals about treatment plan
  • Provision of care and psychotherapy treatment
  • Maintenance of medical records
  • Support and education to the patients and their family

MSc Medical Surgical Nursing

M.Sc. in Medical Surgical Nursing is a 2-year full-time postgraduate program. Medical Surgical Nursing is a field of nursing designed to address the need for professional care of adult patients in a variety of settings by combining technical expertise in administering healthcare and management skills to practice family-centered nursing care.

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Medical-surgical nurses administer medicines and surface treatment, educate patients on their health conditions, and admit or discharge new patients. Therefore, they essentially co-ordinate the groundwork in any health care facility. The course additionally involves modules on nursing education, and enrolled students are equipped with the skills needed to teach practicing nurses and undergraduate/graduate students.

As an academic discipline, Medical-Surgical Nursing includes advanced study in the field of nursing including best practices, research methodology, statistical knowledge, and management strategies that form the discipline

MSc Nursing Administration

Nurse administrators draw on their knowledge of the nursing profession to make informed decisions about how healthcare facilities should operate. To succeed in the field of nursing administration, you need clinical expertise, managerial skills, and business savvy.

Nursing administration professionals are in high demand,

MSc Maternal And Child health

focus on maternal and child health is on how a government and its communities can improve health resources for women, including pregnancy and reproduction resources and resources for infant and child well-being.

Why is maternal and child health important?

Maternal and child health is important because it affects the livelihoods of the next generation, which affects communities, families and the health care system. Maternal and child health initiatives help prevent health problems and mortality in these populations by identifying health risks, including depression, intimate partner violence, drug and alcohol abuse, and inadequate nutrition.

MSc Nursing in Nigeria & Requirements

The 5-year Generic BNSc Nursing program.

This program is designed to make you a full nursing practitioner. At the end of this program, graduates will have a General Nursing program qualification, Midwifery program qualification and a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing (BNSc)

The 3- year basic midwifery training program

The only drawback to this route is that often times, upon qualification as a registered midwife, most organizations still demand double qualified practitioners.

The 3- year basic General Nursing program

This 3-year program is not inclusive of the 6 months spent in PTS. This and the midwifery program used to be hospital-based programs with professional licenses only for academic purposes but this has been upgraded to accommodate employment purposes also.

These three routes require same entry qualification requirements which are:

Five credit level passes at O’ level examinations, SSCE/NECO/NABTEB/GCE or any other equivalent examination. Subjects must include Mathematics, English language, Biology, Physics, Chemistry. The result must be obtained in not more than two sittings.

After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, one can further advance his/her studies by applying for a Masters in Nursing Science. In Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) programs, students learn about nursing law, nursing ethics, human resources, nursing curriculum development and healthcare business practices

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