Issues Raised and Recommendation Taken At The End Of Biennial Nurse Leaders Conference

The board of Nursing And Midwifery Council Of Nigeria at it’s 57th General meet held in April, 2022 has approved the communique issued at the end of a 5days Biennial Nurse Leaders Conference organized by Nursing and Midwifery Council Of Nigeria from 28th to 2nd April 2022 at Abuja.

The 16th Biennial Nurse Leaders Conference with the Theme: Rebranding Nursing For Professional Ascendancy and Consumer Satisfaction: The Role Of Nurse Leaders drew Nurse Leaders from various spheres of Nursing And Midwifery education and practice in both public and private organizations in the 36 States and the FCT.

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The Issues raised as well as the recommendation to the Nurse Leaders are hereby communicated for your information and necessary action.

Issues Raised and Recommendation Taken At The End Of Biennial Nurse Leaders Conference

Issues Raised at the Biennial Nurse Leaders Conference

  1. Nurse Leaders, need to look at how to work towards changing the negatives image of nursing and the nurse on a continual basis and helping in the Ascendancy of the Profession.
  2. What can be done to improve the public image of nurses/nursing
  3. Poor knowledge on leadership training by nurse Leaders
  4. Marketing Nursing Profession In Nigeria
  5. Media Training for Nurse Leaders
  6. Poor image of nurses and nursing in Nigeria
  7. Role of nurses in sustainable development goals and Universal health coverage
  8. Nurse/client Ratio in wards
  9. Nurse’s implementation in politics
  10. Evidence based Nursing care e.g localization of nursing care, wound dressing, medications, etc.
  11. Bridging the Gap between knowledge and practice in the training of student nurses and midwives

Resolutions taken at the Nurse Leaders Conference

  1. Nurses should Participate in research activities, disseminate and utilize findings from nurse-led research for evidence based practice
  2. Nurses should advocate, lobby, participate in politics and decision making as these are essential ingredients for Professional advancement.
  3. Nurse should adapt to change in response to current realities and trends in healthcare, such as care technologies, self improvement through education and Professional Development.
  4. Nurses should obtain permanent voters card (PVC) and participate actively in politics at all levels.
  5. All stakeholders (school faculty, hospital administrators, Nurses) should collaborate to create a safe, positive environment in which nurses can function and achieve their full potentials.
  6. Nurses as Professional should be active partners in the healthcare system in order to perform at the full scope of practice for their education and training.
  7. Nurses should render high quality Nursing care that includes a balance of knowledge and compassion
  8. Nurse Leaders should ensure that newly employed/recruited Nurses are given adequate orientation to the institution before posting and assigning any responsibilities to them.

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