As a student nurse, there are numerous things you can do to make money, which can give you some extra cash or supplement your income while still in nursing school. Being a student nurse is challenging; however, taking taking additional roles outside school can go a long way in supporting you throughout your nursing program. In this article, you will read about How To Make Money While In Nursing School

8 Ways to Make Money While In Nursing School

Below are certain roles you can take to earn money while in nursing school:

Healthcare Assistant/Nursing Aide

As a healthcare assistant/nursing aide, you will work with qualified nurses which will help you gain necessary skills and competence in your nursing practice.

Home Health Aide

This is a great way of getting experience with direct patient care. As a home health aide, you assist patients in meeting their basic self-care needs like bathing, grooming, dressing and so on.

Freelance Health Writer

This is one of the top lucrative side gigs for student nurses. As a medical writer, you provide health tips and information to readers on various medical topics in a way they can understand.

With good writing skills, you can offer your services to organizations, blogs, websites, medical journals, healthcare magazines, and so on. The list is endless, especially with the high rate of content consumption on the internet.

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The pros to these are that you have flexible work hours, and you can earn hourly rates of $40 depending on your productivity. In addition, you can leverage freelance websites like fiverr, Upwork, Textbroker, iWriter, and so on to get clients.


Blogging is a great way of making money as a Student Nurse. You can blog about different topics you are passionate about or topics that people would want to read about such as career updates/relatable contents for student nurses, health and wellness information for specific groups, healthcare technology or ideas unrelated to nursing.

Your aim is to offer solutions to people’s specific needs through the contents on your blog. Also by promoting certain products and/or services your audience find useful.

These are some of the popular niches you can start blogging about as a student nurse:

  • Lifestyle
  • Personal finance
  • Food/cooking
  • Health and fitness
  • Beauty and fashion
  • Business
  • Personal development
  • Travel
  • Photography
  • Faith
  • Technology
  • Sports
  • Cars
  • Coaching

Although it might take a substantial amount of time before you see a great yield, this is definitely a great course to be dedicated towards. With consistency and the right strategies you can build a lucrative business from blogging.

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You earn money from blogging through ads, featured affiliate products/services, paid subscriptions, email marketing, sponsorship deals and upselling physical or digital products and services i.e selling products and services through your blog.


Another way on How To Make Money While In Nursing School is by sharing and promoting video content.

YouTube is a popular platform most vloggers leverage on. The beautiful thing about this is you can choose to create high-quality, relatable videos about niches you are passionate about like travel vlogs, your student life experience, beauty products, food and lifestyle, family and health, nursing career, relocation for nurses and other healthcare professionals, and so on.

You earn money from this by monetizing your YouTube channel after you reach a certain number of subscribers, also through paid subscriptions, affiliate marketing, upselling products or services, etc.

Your favorite YouTuber with a large fan or subscription base might be a motivation to start your vlogging journey.


Owning a business where you sell products or services, for example, medical devices, scrubs, pharmaceutical products, online courses, low-content ebooks, and so on can bring you some cool cash. You can even white label products from other manufacturers and resell them.

You can leverage websites like Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, etc to sell online. Having your online store affords you the flexibility of working from home and your desired schedule, you also get to set the price for your goods and services and market it to a large number of people.

Also, you can be an affiliate to the platforms mentioned above which makes it an interesting way to earn additional cash.

Telehealth Nurse

Telehealth Nurse works over the phone or uses video conferencing to interact with patients and render needed services like emergency support, patient assessment and diagnosis, education, and counseling.

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With an hourly rate of $38, you can take up this role during your breaks or after school hours to earn some cool cash. Additionally, you have flexible scheduling, low physical contact with patients, and the opportunity to work with multiple companies. This can also challenge your learning experience as a student nurse.


As a nursing student, you can tutor other students in nursing courses they find challenging and earn money while doing so. You can also teach high school students or other college students struggling with certain science courses.

Teaching others helps you learn better and interact with other students.

Benefits of Working While In Nursing School

  • Gives you an edge in networking with professional nurses and other healthcare practitioners which can increase your chance of getting better job recommendations after your nursing program.
  • Assists you in meeting certain needs like feeding, accomodation, transportation and so on.
  • Experiences gotten through any of these roles boosts your CV/resume.
  • Working while studying also helps in gaining essential skills for effective stress management which you will find useful later in your career as a Nurse.

Tips to consider While Working As A Student Nurse

Going out of the way to make money while studying requires a great deal of resilience and determination. However, it is important not to do this at the detriment of your well-being and education. The following tips can help you create balance between your study and work life:

  • Prioritize your physical and mental health.
  • Eat and rest well.
  • Have a flexible working schedule.
  • Avoid taking roles with huge demands
  • Seek support from friends, families or significant others.
  • Practice other self-care routines like meditation, mini walks, going for picnics, outings and so on.

Abdullahi Suleiman a Certified Registered Nurse based in Nigeria, an Entrepreneur and Also a Blogger, passionate about Community Development and Cosmetic Nursing

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