In this article, we will discuss about How to become emergency room nurse, the certifications to acquire, the duration of becoming an ER nurse, and the salary paid for ER nurses. Emergency nurses are usually the first line of response a patient gets when visiting the hospital .To deliver good care and save lives, they must think quickly, move quickly, and operate as a team. Considering becoming an emergency room nurse? Getting a Registered nursing license is the first step

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Emergency nurses operate in high-stress, fast-paced, and time-constrained conditions, integrating evidence-based knowledge, making rapid assessments, making vital choices, and performing life-saving treatments while prioritizing and multitasking.

Emergency Room Nurse Job Description

A&E nurses collaborate with doctors, nursing assistants and technicians, and other healthcare professionals as a team.

  • Triage incoming patients
  • Administer medication
  • Monitor vitals
  • Give basic life support
  • Perform diagnostic tests
  • Start IV lines

Emergency room nurses often operate in critical-care environments such as hospital emergency rooms, triage centers, and trauma centers. They might also work in poison control centers, emergency response units, aviation and transport, military health organizations, and state or federal institutions.

How to become Emergency Room Nurse

  • Getting an RN degree

A licensed registered nurse is the first step in becoming an emergency nurse. All ER nurses must be registered nurses, therefore you must first obtain that certification. And To get an RN degree, you must finish a nursing program at an accredited nursing school or university, this program is usually 3 years in a school of nursing or 4-5 years in a university

  • Get experience 

Having experience in general nursing is advisable for new grads that want to specialize in a&e nursing. Although it is common to become an ER nurse right out of nursing school, certain emergency rooms will demand two to three years of prior bedside nursing experience. This might happen in a medical-surgical or intensive care unit. Some departments are more or less demanding than others when it comes to prior experience. therefore, in general, two to three years of bedside nursing is required in order to become an ER nurse.

  • Obtain emergency care training and certificates

You can apply for certified emergency nurse (CEN) certification when you have at least two years of experience. Gaining certificates in ACLS (advanced cardiovascular life support ), ABLS/BLS (advanced basic life support) is proven to help in the practice

How long does it take to become an er nurse

New grad nurses can become emergency room nurses after leaving school , some countries require an 18 months post-basic training to fully certify an Emergency nurse. Gaining 1-2 years of experience is advisable.

Emergency Room Nurse Salary

The strenous nature of emergency care superceeds the pay , but ER nursesare known to be one of the most paid speciality in nursing profession. They earn a gross of  $79,000 and $110,500, with top earners making $154,500 annually.

FAQs about Emergency room nursing 

Do i need a masters degree to become an emergency nurse?-

with only an RN degree , nurses can obtain post-basic training to be  certified emergency nurses.

How much does an emergency nurse make? reports an average annual salary of $110,288 for emergency room nurses.

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To be able to assess a patient’s condition rapidly and act effectively to stabilize patients in medical emergencies, ER nurses must have good critical thinking abilities. Employers seek strong organizational and communication skills, attention to detail, and a calm and confident demeanor under pressure when hiring.


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