Registered nurses who work in temporary positions at hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities around the world are known as travel nurses.” The average pay for travel nurses can be extremely high because they cover gaps in locations where there are nursing shortages. In this article, you will read about How much do travel Nurses make.

With everything going on right now, more and more nurses are thinking about becoming travel nurses to assist in areas like New York that need it the most. Right now, nurses can anticipate receiving compensation packages that are much above average. However, there are still a few things to take into account when determining your travel nursing compensation.

How much do travel nurses make

Compared to staff nurses, who make an average of $42.11 per hour or $89,877 per year, travel nurses make an average of $47.98 per hour or $111,975 per year (, 2022).

Nevertheless, the pay for travel nurses can vary depending on their degree of expertise, the state they work in, and the kind of facility they work in. For instance, a travel nurse with experience working in California is likely to earn more than a travel nurse with little experience working in a tiny town in Iowa.

State-by-State Travel Nurse Salary: Highest to Lowest

The ten finest states for travel nursing should be considered by nurses who want to optimize their earning potential. The top 10 states are shown below.

  1. $121,682 yearly in California
  2. Massachusetts yearly salary of $120,756
  3. in New York, $120,099 annually
  4. $119,025 annually in Washington
  5. in New Jersey, $117,439 annually
  6. New York: $116,585 annually
  7. $116,506 annually in Maryland
  8. in Colorado: $116,476 annually
  9. $114,843 annually in Virginia
  10. Illinois – $114,718 annually

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These states not only have a high cost of living but also some of the highest pay rates in the nation for travel nurses. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that while selecting a travel nursing assignment, compensation is only one aspect to take into account. You should also think about the kind of facility you’ll work in, the patients you’ll be caring for, and your long-term professional objectives.

How Does Travel Nurse Pay Differ From Staff Nurse Pay?

In a hospital, staff nurses are typically paid a defined wage based on their education and experience. At periodic times, they often earn small pay raises.

Pay for travel nurses  is entirely different and occasionally ambiguous. Hourly pay, non-taxable housing stipends, non-taxable per diems, travel reimbursements, and other benefits are common parts of pay packages.

What Additional Perks Will I Get Working as a Travel Nurse?

Numerous travel nurse organizations also provide a range of benefits that can sweeten the bargain, in addition to a respectable compensation. These advantages may consist of:

Insurance Coverage: As part of your remuneration package, the majority of travel nurse agencies will provide health, dental, and vision insurance. Additionally, some businesses provide long-term disability and life insurance.

Options for retirement (401K): Many businesses provide a 401K plan with employer matching payments. If you want to save money for retirement while working as a travel nurse, this is a crucial perk to take into account.

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Tax-Free Travel Reimbursement: Travel nurse agencies frequently pay for your travel costs, including as hotel, meals, and ground transportation. Be important to enquire about the reimbursement rates before accepting an assignment because they can differ from company to company.

Bonuses: Some employers provide incentives for finishing tasks early or working extra shifts in addition to a competitive wage. Inquire about sign-on, completion, and retention bonuses as well. These bonuses can soon build up and provide your revenue a welcome boost.

The majority of employers will also pay for your continuing education expenses for courses on nursing or other healthcare-related subjects. CEUs You can advance in your job and keep your license thanks to this perk.

Housing: Many organizations offer free lodging at a particular apartment building or hotel. To provide yourself options for your accommodation, you might also ask for a housing stipend. Want to know more about the many housing options? For that, we have a manual.

When thinking about accepting a travel nurse position, make essential to enquire about these benefits as they differ from company to company.

How to Increase your Nursing Salary as a Travel Nurse

You can do a number of things to increase your travel nursing compensation in addition to these advantages:

1) Obtain specialist certification: Nurses with specialized certification—such as the CCRN or CNOR—often command greater compensation than those without it.

2) Take on extra or per diem shifts: If you’re trying to find ways to make more money, think about taking on more shifts or working overtime whenever you can.

3) Move to a state with a high salary: As we already discussed, some states pay travel nurses more than others. Working in one of these states may allow you to drastically increase your income if you’re willing to move there.

4) Acquire licenses from several states: Learn more about the Nursing Licensure Compact (NLC). Get licensed there if your state isn’t a part of this agreement and you want to work as a travel nurse there. You will have more options to work as a travel nurse if you use the NLC and get licensed in multiple states.

5) Negotiate your salary: When accepting a new assignment, don’t be hesitant to haggle over your pay; you’d be astonished at how much wiggle space there is! As a travel nurse, you may increase your earning potential and take advantage of all the perks that come with this exciting career option by using the advice in this article.

6) Refer your friends: When deciding which agency they want to work with, nurses frequently ask their friends for referrals. For referring your nurse friends, travel agencies may give rewards such as bonuses (and perhaps cash!). The more  recommendations, the better.


Overall, becoming a travel nurse can be a fantastic way to increase your income and get a host of other advantages. When accepting a new position, make sure to inquire about the many advantages provided by various firms, and don’t be afraid to haggle over your wage. By utilizing these suggestions, you may increase your earning potential and take advantage of all the benefits associated with this great career option! Additionally, be sure to look into Aspen University’s reasonably priced and recognized online nursing programs if you want to advance your nursing education and increase your travel nursing pay.

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