It is mandatory that Foreign Trained Nurses In Nigeria register with the Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (NMCN) and obtain licence to practice prior to their professional practice in Nigeria. This article provides you with a ultimate guide on How To Register As A Foreign Trained Nurse In Nigeria 

This process may take minimum of six (6) months and maximum of eighteen (18) months depending on your course of study and institution/country of training.

This is commonly called Adaptation Program.

Complete Guide On How To Register As A Foreign Trained Nurse In Nigeria

As a Foreign Trained Nurse, one out of the many challenges I faced is access to timely and accurate information, I remember combing through the internet at a point during the process and found only few information that addressed my concern, some are not even updated and trying to reach out to get accurate information lead to a dead end.

The whole process can be tiring and cumbersome if you do not have access to timely and accurate information especially getting someone that has gone through the whole process to take you by the hand or step by step through it.


You would have started the process with little or no information or you might be midway through it before you get connected with others applying for the same.

The Nigerian Association of Foreign Trained Nurses NAFTRANS are sincerely working to bridge this gap but most do not even know about the community till they are almost done with their application process.

Join the NAFTRANS telegram page here for timely information

This article is written to help you navigate the journey and take your hands through the whole process based on my personal experience And your journey will also be made easy with this guide.

Step By Step Guide On How To Register As A Foreign Trained Nurses In Nigeria

  • Filling and submission of application form Click here to register
  • Evaluation of Certificates with the federal ministry of education
  • Undergo screening
  • Posting to selected institution
  • On-site training cum clinical posting
  • Write the licensing and registration examination
  • Apply for registration and licensing if you successfully pass the licensing exams.
  • One-year internship.

Cost Breakdown

  • Application fee ₦6,000
  • Evaluation of Certificates ( School Leaving and Degree certificate with the federal ministry of education ₦5,000) P.S: this can vary and depends on if you are doing it yourself or you are using an agent or someone else. If you are going to the Federal Ministry Of Education yourself, you will have to consider the cost of transportation and accomodation in Abuja.
  • Adaptation Program Fee ₦188,000
  • Accomodation fee ( based on location and proximity to the institution)
  • Miscellaneous e.g precouncil examination fee, uniform, transportation, feeding and so on.

Cumulative of above ₦300k (₦300,000 plus)

P.S: These are the estimated costs (rounded up) To at the time that I enrolled for this program (2021) the above is subjected to change according to the necessary bodies and party involved as well as the economic situation.

STEPS BY STEPS on How To Register As A Foreign Trained Nurses In Nigeria 2022 ⬇️

🔸Filling And Submission Of Application Form. Click here to register

You will need to upload the following documents to complete this step;

  • Stamped international passport with entry and exit visa 
  • School leaving certificate
  • Degree certificate 
  • Birth certificate 
  • Admission letter from institution of training
  • Secondary school testimonial 
  • Residential permits for period of study
  • Academic transcript
  • Photo passport

NB: you will have to select any three institution of your choice within the country you will be posted to for the program.

🔸Submit your application and wait for a confirmation mail with your application number (you will need this to track your application status and carry out all the other processes).

🔸 Wait for a prompt to make payment for the application fee (6000 Naira), you may need to contact them yourself if you have any delay with payment or you can check the website to see if you’re eligible to make payment.

You can use your naira MasterCard or Visa card to make payment for this step after you’re done with payment wait till you get a mail to come for the Evaluation letter

🔸 Collect the Evaluation letter to be taken to the federal ministry of education to get the evaluation of your certificates done with the Federal Ministry of Education.

🔸Proceed to book your appointment on the Federal Ministry of Education website Here, upload your documents and make payment (see the cost in the cost Breakdown above).

Take a printout of the FME appointment slip which will appear at the end of your appointment booking application.

🔸You will now take this printout with your original documents, photocopy of all your documents, the letter for evaluation from the Nursing Council and a new WAEC/NECO scratch card (depending on which you are using) to the Federal Ministry of Education’s (FME) office on the date your appointment.

🔸Once your evaluation is completed, you will need to go back to Federal Ministry of Education’s (FME) to pick up your evaluation letter. This typically takes between 3 days to 2 weeks.

🔸Take this letter to the Nursing council head office submission. N.B: you should go with a photocopy of this letter so they can stamp it at the office for acknowledgement that you submitted it there as a precautionary measure.

🔸 You will have to wait for invitation to attend your screening by the NMCN. The screening maybe physical or virtual depending on the decision of the council committee in charge.

🔸After the successful screening, you will get a mail to make payment through remita to pay for your adaptation program, you can also visit the NMCN annexe office to make payment (see the cost in the cost breakdown above).

🔸After making payment, you are to take the payment invoice to the Council’s Annex office where you’ll also be given your posting letter after verifying your payment.

🔸You are required to submit the posting letter to the institution you are posted to within one week of issuance. The institution will be one out of the three (3) you selected while filling the application form.

🔸The institution will give you a resumption date which may be few weeks from when you submitted the letter so you will be required to make arrangements for accommodation this is an on-site program so you will be required to be on campus most of the time. 


You are required to have 80% of attendance and will also have to go for mandatory 6 weeks clinical postings at attached teaching hospital.

 🔸Sit for the licensing exam, this usually take place May/November of every year and depends on the NMCN decision.

Any necessary update to the above will be posted in the future.

It is advisable that you be in one of the support groups or community by NAFTRANS so that you can get access to timely information and updates from others that are also going through the process, this will make the journey pretty easy as you will have other people on board with you on the platform.

If you have any questions or issues of concerns, you can reach out to me via email , I will try to render you help within my ability.

Kindly Share this with others that might need it as well.

This article is written by Mayowa Racheal Popoola


Abdullahi Suleiman a Certified Registered Nurse based in Nigeria, an Entrepreneur and Also a Blogger, passionate about Community Development and Cosmetic Nursing



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