Act Stop Lamenting

I hear many Nurses, if not all nurses complaining about the image of Nursing

If all then who is responsible for the poor image

The followers blame the leaders the leaders blame the followers

Everyone blames everyone and none blames himself

We all are sons and daughters of lamentation

  1. We see fault everywhere and in everything

Nursing is not progressing, nursing is not progressing we all cry

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Yet over the past two decades, there is increase in the number of degree awarding institutions

More and more Nurses have earned the so called elusive degree and even added degrees to it

Some have become Professors

We have more and more Nurses who have never being to a Hospital based Schools of Nursing

Yet, lament we still do

We always see the grass greener from the other side of the fence

We admire everything that is not Nursing and denounce everything Nursing.

We are quick to praise other professions and quick to voice our regrets for being Nurses

Yet Nursing has always been there for us

It is time to act

It is time to stop the blame

It is time for you and i to say i am the change agent of Nursing in Nigeria

It is time to lift up Nigerian Nursing

It is time to voice out

It is time to help the nurse next to you to do right

It is time for us to project the positive and work on correcting the negative

It is time to stop the bickering and selfish in house fight

It is time for leaders to carry the followers along

It is time for the followers to lift up the leaders to an enviable height in the comity of professional associations.

Together we can make, but each must consciously make up his mind to be the best Nurse.

If every one acts, then all of us have acted, and NURSING will be better.



Abdullahi Suleiman a Certified Registered Nurse based in Nigeria, an Entrepreneur and Also a Blogger, passionate about Community Development and Cosmetic Nursing

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    Please the author need to be acknowledged. I wrote this on my blog and courtesy demand that even if my permission is not sought I should at least be acknowledged as the author thank.
    Solomon Danmori

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