In this article you will read on Various Sectors Nurses Can Practice As Well As Job Consideration And Prerequisites


This sector is gaining mega attention in Nigeria, particularly with increase rate of body adjustment. This type of Nurse administer numerous non-invasive treatment including anti-aging, microdermabrasion, acne, hair surgery etc. Should A Nurse Practitioners Allowed to Practice independently


Am such you’re wondering which sector this is? Well, those who work in the correction or mental health department would find this sector familiar. This type of nurses basically cares to disable children or adult. There are expert in developmental disabilities and delays managing clients with mental, physical, behavioural development.


Not midwives, but trained in the various fertility treatment plan. This sector will continue to gain attention as far as people have an issue relating to birth. They educate couple on various birth options (i.e egg donation, IVF etc) But you need to spend few months learning on the job before you become an expert or confident to call yourself a fertility nurse.


Have worked in this sector before, the most interesting part of it is that you get to travel to different parts of the country. Nurses care to patients en route to a medical facility via aircraft. Here you need to have basic training on flight experience and language to provide your clients with the best experience onboard.

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If you love adventure and you’re more flexible with location you should consider this. Though having knowledge of emergency is a must to practice here. So go get BLS ECG ACLS FirstAid HSE done.

Am an instructor for those above-mentioned courses, send a DM to 08179392210 via WhatsApp for any enquires.


Whether you like it or not, this sector will continue to thrive. This field, nurses basically work with elderly patients.


Quite different from geriatric, here you care for patients in home/office settings not hospitals. Also, the age group isnt specific.

If you like clinical but not bedside then you should check this field out. With basic qualifications, you’re good to go.


Ebola virus & Lassa fever really killed quite a number of people, but with the help of specialized Nurses and healthcare professionals trained in infection control, we could manage this dangerous and highly communicable diseases.

Highly-paid area but there lies a fatal risk job. Get blood pathogen and infection control certification. Your life is in line, but don’t worry you get rewarded and trained for the battle.


Nurses who serve in a branch of the military and are specially trained to provide medical care to patients in military clinics or hospitals, or near combat zones. The benefits are enormous although it a service and commitment to the country.

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These nurses use their professional nursing experience and business savvy to launch and run their own business venture within the healthcare field. Requiring strong business skills creatibity and a lot of hard work, becoming a nurse entrepreneur offers nurse a unique opportunity to take control of their own schedule and follow their passions in the nursing field.


Not new but sarce to find nurses specialised in this field. You might consider this field interesting if you love to take palliative care.


They care for patients who must undergo diagnostic imaging procedures or those undergoing radiation therapy for certain illness. They operate the machine, educate the patients, administer any contrast dyes and then monitor the patient after the procedure. Typically work in big diagnostic imaging facilities.


Having this certification gives you the opportunity to work in top and middle class organizations helping prevent injury and accident. Working closely with the safety officers to ensure workers are healthy and safe.


this article will provide you with the list of various sectors nurses can practice.


Abdullahi Suleiman a Certified Registered Nurse based in Nigeria, an Entrepreneur and Also a Blogger, passionate about Community Development and Cosmetic Nursing


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